2 Easy DIY EyeShadow Primer Natural Alternatives

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DIY Eyeshadow Primer Alternatives

Does your eye shadow last after you put it on? I love using eye shadow to make my eyes look bigger, but I always had the problem of it disappearing about an hour after I put it on! So this week I wanted to share with you some DIY eyeshadow primer natural solutions to help eye shadow last longer. It took me a while, but I experimented and found these great tips that helped me!

I’m excited about these because you don’t have to use store bought products that contain toxic chemicals on your eyelids! And as an added bonus, you can save a ton of money!

Avoid the Toxins!

If you pick up any eye shadow primer in the drug store there is no way of telling what toxic ingredients are in it because the cosmetic companies are not required to state all of them on the label. Many cosmetics contain parabens and fragrances. Parabens, often used as preservatives for food, are added to cosmetics to increase the shelf life. They can be absorbed through the skin and have been linked to allergies, DNA damage and have been found in many breast cancer tumors. Fragrances are a concern because companies are not required to state the toxic chemicals contained in them on the label and one of these often is phthalates, the ingredient found in plastics!

How You Can Save Money Using These Natural Primers

You can save tons of money using with these simple DIY eyeshadow primer tips! I found a small tube of a popular brand of eyeshadow primer that costs nearly $21.00! But it costs only $3.98 for a large bottle of one of these DIY eyeshadow primers and they work just as well as the toxic primer and last a long time!

Here are My 2 DIY EyeShadow Primer Alternatives:

1. Milk of Magnesia

You probably know this as the “icky white stuff” your mother tried to get you to take for an upset stomach. Milk of Magnesia is magnesium hydroxide and used for both stomach/constipation problems and by some as a deodorant. Another use is also to help acne (it is antibacterial and contains zinc, which helps with healing). But, it also works as a DIY eyeshadow primer!

Why this Works:
Milk of Magnesia helps dry the skin area when applied topically. Many women have the problem of eye shadow creasing and not staying on the eyelid because of excess oil in this area. When you apply Milk of Magnesia, it removes excess oil and allows the eye shadow to stick to your skin.

How to Apply it:
Use your finger or a cotton swab to apply to the eyelid. (Careful! Try not to get any in your eyes!) Wait for it to dry before applying your eyeshadow on top of the dry area.  If the applied Milk of Magnesia turns white right after application, lightly rub off the white coating gently with a wash cloth.

*Tip – Make sure you use unscented, unflavored Milk of Magnesia.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel from the leaves of the plant has been used to help heal skin for centuries. It can be found in food (as a natural flavoring), cosmetics, food supplements and is often used for natural remedies. The best way to get pure Aloe Vera is by buying the plant and using the gel by breaking a leaf, but a prepackaged bottle of pure Aloe Vera from a store online will work just as well for this DIY eyeshadow primer! This one works well and is 100% pure aloe.

Why it Works:
Aloe Vera is moisturizing, yet it helps remove excess oil. This helps dry the skin above the eye making it optimal for the eye shadow to stick and last longer.

How to Use it:
Use your finger or a cotton swab to apply the Aloe Vera gel to the eyelid. Wait for it to dry before applying the eye shadow.

See more tips on natural makeup solutions!

If you are interested in more natural DIY eyeshadow primer alternatives and more homemade makeup recipes using organic foods or minerals, see my e-book!

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  1. says

    great info! I’ve never worn much shadow, but have started to recently (organic, of course :) ) so now I know what to use if I ever have issues with it staying on or creasing! :)
    As always, I love the informative yet simple way you lay out all the facts!!!!!!! 😀
    I LOVE aloe vera!!!!!!

  2. says

    I was happy to find your post. I have a gallon of aloe vera gel in my fridge and I had thought it would probably work. trying’ it later today! I read some ingredient lists for commercial eyeshadow primers and was kind of disgusted. Thanks!

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