Garlic Health Benefits – Why You Should Eat Raw Garlic Daily

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garlic health benefits

Garlic is a vegetable and is a species of the onion genus. Garlic is often used to add flavor to recipes and dishes. However, garlic can also be used as a medicine to prevent or treat a wide range of aliments and diseases.

Garlic cloves contain many vital nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. Garlic contains sulfur compounds from the amino acid allicin, which is most noted for producing garlic’s powerful odor.

Why you should eat garlic raw:

When the garlic is cooked this prohibits the garlic’s ability to make allicin. Allicin is one of the primary components of garlic that gives it its health benefits, including the ability to prevent cancer. Allicin is produced in garlic when the garlic enzyme alliinase is cut or chewed. However, when the garlic is cooked alliinase is then inactivated which causes allicin to not be produced.

Before consuming the garlic it is best to allow the cut or crushed garlic to be exposed to the air for at least 5 to 10 minutes in order for the compounds to become fully activated.

How do you incorporate garlic into your daily diet?

There’s two options:

1. Add the garlic to your meal or add it to a green juice or smoothie.
2. Cut a clove of garlic into small pieces and swallow the small pieces one at a time. (with a meal)

10 Reasons Why you should eat garlic daily:

1. Garlic Contains a High Amount of Antioxidants – The antioxidants destroy free radicals and reduce overall oxidative stress. Free radicals can damage DNA and cell membranes. High levels of oxidative stress have been associated with many diseases and conditions. Antioxidants are also beneficial for preventing types of cancer.

2. Garlic Lowers Your Cholesterol– A study found that the consumption of garlic reduced cholesterol by 9 to 12 percent. Reductions were noted in LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.

3. Garlic is Antibacterial– Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic. It is able to eliminate harmful bacteria but does not kill off healthy bacteria as chemical antibiotics do.

4. Garlic is Anti-fungal– Garlic’s Allicin is also responsible for destroying fungi. Many use garlic as a means of eliminating fungal infections.

5. Garlic Thins the Blood– Garlic consumption has been shown to thin the blood which can aid in preventing heart disease, the formation of blood clots, heart attacks and stroke.

6. Garlic Boosts Your Immune System– Garlic has strong antiviral properties. To many in Russia, garlic was known as “Russian Penicillin” due to its abilities to effectively treat infections. A study found that garlic is effective at preventing and treating the common cold. It found that those who consumed garlic had significantly fewer colds and the length of their cold was shortened compared to those who did not eat garlic.

7. Garlic Lowers Risk of Atherosclerosis: Studies suggest that garlic may prevent blood clots and destroy plaque which contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.

8. Garlic Lowers Your Blood Pressure- Garlic has been used in China for many years as blood pressure medication. Additionally, the Japanese government officially recognized garlic as a blood-pressure depressor.

9. Garlic Helps Your Joints– A study found that those who eat high amounts of garlic were less likely to have osteoarthritis.

10.Garlic Prevents Cancer- Increased intake of garlic has been found to be associated with the reduced risk of certain cancers. This includes cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas, and breast.





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  1. says

    I use garlic in the raw way more often than I use it cooked, and I definitely think it’s a contributing factor to me not getting a cold for over three years now. All of the reasons on your list sound good except #2. Why would you want to lower your cholesterol? Low cholesterol is associated with depression and violent behavior and does not prevent against heart disease. I think by “lower your cholesterol” it’s just a sign that garlic boosts your overall health, and thus your body does not need as much cholesterol to heal. You can replace #2 with “It tastes good!” :)

      • Joseph says

        LDL and HDL are lipoproteins, not types of cholesterol. They carry cholesterol molecules to/from arteries since cholesterol doesn’t have the ability to do it by itself. There’s a fine line when it comes to understanding cholesterol levels, triglycerides, etc. The “good” vs “bad” terms are not completely understood by most people…we all just need to do our own research. I agree with Sita’s comment above, it improves overall health and can have positive affects on blood chemistry. All of nature’s food for humans have positive health and healing benefits except when we try to “help” or “improve” them by messing with the genetics, dumping chemicals on them, etc.

        • Anonymous says

          Hi, I started eating 1 clove of garlic daily. Well actually swallowing it. Do I still get all the benefits if I swallow whole without crushing it?

          • Borowski says

            Hi, You have to crush it. Your body will pass the entire clove if you just swallow it. Purchase a good Garlic crusher. Crush the garlic and let sit for 3-5 minutes. You will see it takes on a yellow oil color. Take it with food and use water to wash it down. Don’t eat anything with sugar after taking it because you will get gas from the sugar / garlic combo. Another good way to consume is to juice it with veggies. Be careful not to take to much. You can get sick and throw it up then you will be scarred for life-very nasty. Garlic wakes up all the small arteries in your body, the ones that normally narrow as we age hence better circulation in the body. Combine garlic juice with a good aerobic exercise and you will feel the Garlic High-Amazing! If your a women, it will stabilize you yeast levels in your body Etc. There are over 20 reasons to take Raw Garlic every day. It is an amazing natural medicine. Wheat Grass Juice is another amazing natural medicine to investigate. Hi Lori, Love your Website. :-)

          • Anonymous says

            No. Crush it in a garlic press and if y can’t handle the intense taste of garlic,then drizzle a small amount of extra virgin olive oil over it then get a spoon…scoup it and swallow it,with a chaser if need be!

            • Anonymous says

              Thanks every one. I understand that garlic is very healthy vegetable, but I founding it raw is not easy, as hot as hot pepper. Then, I started chewing with banana or tomato or any other fruit I could get hold of. Is this a correct way to consuming raw garlic?

          • Kristine says

            I am looking into empty gelatin capsules to put crushed garlic into (carefully) so my daughter might take it with me

          • Anonymous says

            I used a garlic press. I put the garlic on the tip of the spoon and swallow it with water really fast :)

            • Ryan says

              How long before you can eat or drink after eating garlic? does it need to sit in stomach and do its job or can you eat and drink straight away on it?

        • pat says

          You are absolutely right! The book of genesis refers to our creators command and gift for maintenance, and it states: I Have Given You Herbs To Eat.

            • lisa says

              AMEN ! :-)

              I think He has provided all … but we have been ‘programed’ to buy a factory made product & have forgotten the natural & in most cases Better options .

            • Anonymous says

              I also suffers from stomach problem(acidity) from 2/3 years .i consulted lotvof Doctors.but it couldnt get rid .so in nut shell.should i take 1 garlic in a day.

                • Kiki says

                  Read your post where you mentioned that you have GERD, I myself was diagnosed with GERD and was prescribed medication, which I no longer take, after being introduced to an alternative. If you are interested I would love to share with you what worked for me and many others who have also used this alternative.

          • kim says

            And then, in the middle ages, people who use herbs to heal others were accused of witchcraft and killed in hundreds of thousands by Christians… Sigh…

    • sharone says

      I am more to think that because we have both good and bad cholesterol, it refers to lowering your bad cholesterol thus allowing it to become normal. Just saying.

    • Anonymous says

      It says “bad cholesterol” that is the one it helps you eliminate. There are two kinds of cholesterol. The “good” cholesterol and the “bad, cholesterol.

    • Jd says

      I’m not a doctor, but from what I’ve read there seems to be a ‘sweet spot’ for cholesterol levels. When they get too high bad things seem to want to happen. I’ve also read the human body has mechanisms to make cholesterol internally thus requiring very little, if any, from one’s diet.

      Just what I’ve read… again… not a doctor.

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Great! I would love to share it on Thursday at Tasty Traditions, about what time do you put up the linky?

    • Schwing Lo Wang says

      You should take it raw twice a day. Start off small (one clove), then work your way up to three cloves per day. Cambodian elites consume the best raw garlic, leaving the mildewed remains for the peasants (much like medieval lords left the servants the dregs from the wine caskets, known to cause mental disturbances, including hallucinations – some historians (feminists sociobiologists mostly) contend that it was from drinking the dregs after nobles had major parties that many peasants had hallucinations about witches; in America, such contentions are held too, although not be lesbians but by respectable historians with out a homosexual axe to grind; moreover, they contend that the culprit was bread molds – sorry to ramble: I guess the basic message is: stay away from cheap garlic, don’t drink the dregs, and for the love of God, if bread is moldy, through it out!)

  2. says

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  3. Alana Kohi says

    To the people who eat raw garlic daily, did you start to smell like garlic ? Like people who tend to eat a lot of the same foods, you can notice a smell!

        • Lori, Health Extremist says

          I do both, but when I swallow a piece, I cut the clove into 4 sections so they are not so big.

        • Borowski says

          Lori, I would only recommend to crush with Garlic press, let sit for 5 min to activate the Allicin and then spoon it down with water. I take it during meals. For those who think it is good to take before an operation I would think again. It may prohibit blood clotting which is important when Surgeons are trying to stop Bleeding from an invasive incision. Garlic is a really good supplement for Women with yeast infection issues because it fights / kills all types of bad yeast. Garlic in my opinion is a hardcore supplement and people who take it raw are health fanatics and this is a good thing. Love and Peace!

              • Kathy says

                That’s how i eat my garlic every day, cutting it into pieces. I put it into my saled. I do have a garlic crusher, i use it only when i cook . I have not been sick with anything for 9 years now. I take garlic every day and chew one vitamin C every day.

          • Anonymous says

            I heard it’s BEST to do it in the morning before you eat anything. It kills all the bad bacteria in your stomach. I’ve always swallowed whole but I’m seeing here that I should be dicing it or crushing it and letting set a few minutes. I wondered because it goes right through me. Not getting any of the nutrients.

      • clementine says

        I eat raw garlic at bed time two loafs
        I notice that it cause proper digestion and treats other diseases

      • Yempee says

        I started eating one clove befor going to bed by crushing it in the mouth – without touching the toung. Is it really required to do the crushing in open air and keep it for some time before eating.?

    • says

      i eat lots of garlic and never noticed anything, but i mean, take showers daily, use perfume and bodyspray, etc. this is stuff every girl (or cologne if you’re a guy!) should be doing anyway and even if one had a bit of a garlic scent, i would think this would remove it or mask it.

      it is interesting, though, that food DOES permeate through our bodies. we just often do not notice the smell because other people in our society eat very similar diets. if you ever meet an indian they will very likely smell heavily of curry powder and you may find that smell either pleasant or off putting, however, ask a lot of indians and they will tell you white americans smell like dairy products, i have been told by my indian friend that many americans have a “cheesy” smell from his perspective, but that it goes away as you get used to being around people with different diets.

      i would think a garlic odor would go unnoticed unless someone ate ridiculous amounts of the stuff, this is because dishes prepared with garlic are very very common in america and most western countries, most people probably don’t realize how much garlic they consume whenever they eat italian style cooking and i know tons of people who will practically dump the entire container of garlic powder on their pizza or spaghetti. my guess is we all have a garlic smell 😉

      also, this stuff is addicting as heck. first time i ate a whole clove raw, i got a huge energy boost and could actually feel my blood flowing stronger, i was really amped up for a few hours. i also enjoyed the spicy burn from eating the garlic raw. i am now up to 3 large cloves per day, completely raw and with nothing else. if you want to avoid garlic breath, do a “shot” and just swallow minced garlic with a lot of water so you don’t need to chew it. if you have garlic breath and want to get rid of it, swish lemon juice in your mouth, it is sour, but it absolutely kills off the garlic odor.

      • tracy says

        Good advice, about using lemon. However it is important to know that when you use lemon, especially before you are going to bed; be sure to take some yogurt or cheese, because leaving the lemon trace in your mouth will erode away your natural teeth enamel. The dentists will tell you this has happened to many constant lemon juice drinkers. When you chew garlic alone you will have the garlic smell in your lungs for quite a while. Not a good idea before a date.

        • Joe Mallia says

          To eliminate Garlic odour, simply chew on some parsley. It completely removes any trace of the Garlic on your breath. I do this all the time and no-one ever tells me I smell of Garlic. Have done it for years. Works a treat.

          • Kent Hall says

            I also believe that eating raw garlic is addictive, though not strongly so.. I started eating it raw when I worked in Nigeria and have been hooked ever since. People certainly notice but I just don’t care.

  4. Cle says

    I love Garlic and onions but when eating it raw with food or without I don’t feel well in my stomach. Any suggestions?

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      The raw garlic can be quite powerful, I started out with a very small amount and worked my way up.

  5. says


    I love garlic too…am just 1.. I discovered the raw health benefits but its hard for me… I eat it with yogurt but still hard to get down.
    Started today with 2 raw garlic cloves.. Cooked with onions + meat awesome combo.
    Any tips…how much cloves a day? Since I heard it improves smoothness of joint health etc.
    Onions also should be eaten everyday

      • Tolunay says

        Thanks, Ive been experimenting lately with 1 a day.
        Will increase it to 2.. but I get heartburn if I just eat it straight away, tips to combine it with something?

        I eat it just 1-2hours before bed because it ruins your breath haha.. but eating it before bedtime doesnt have a effect on me next morning so :)

        • Lori, Health Extremist says

          I add mine to meals too, it makes it easier for me to get more into my diet. I usually add it to my salad or mix it into an avocado dip and it tastes great!

        • Anonymous says

          Try adding cut up pieces to plain yogurt. This also helps cut down on the burning sensation if you have that problem as well.

    • Liana says

      I buy garlic stuffed olives from a local deli. They are large so each olive has a whole clove. They are delicious. I dont know if being in the olive brine changes the garlic.

    • kawa says

      Garlic is a wonder supplement to human health imargine i had developed pressure . heart attack and shortness of breath, joint pains i was already on HP drugs but after discovering the margic health benefits of Garlic i anly took it three days but i already feel better i enjoy good sleep no more pains in my body, no more Hp medics I really recommend GARLIC to any body in similar situation . just eat it raw in small quantities and you will give a testmony.

    • kawa says

      it s now 3 months taking HP medics and discovered Garlic deals with my situation can i stop taking the HP medics as am now feeling better and i dont like getting addicted to HP medics for fear of side effects . with Garlic i feel good.


  6. austin says

    Garlic is extremely good, for those having heart burns.. i suggest you eat it along side with your meals i.e rice,salad,meat etc it will tend to reduce heart burns.. but i love it with beans :)
    if you care about the odor and the embarrasement, i suggest you take garlic just before bed time, the odor fizzles away before day break.. just brush with fluride next morning and you are good for the day.

  7. anand says

    Agree with all the points mentioned by author. It is one of the best medicines to prevent heart attacks, reducing cholestrol. It is best eaten raw (5-6 pieces) per day. You now get to see garlic pills (in super stores) which claim it doesn’t smell etc. My suggestion is to ignore all these commercial versions of garlic and just eat it raw. Nothing can beat it.

    • Anonymous says

      Totally agree, growing your own garlic is the tastier way to consume it, I love raw garlic on buttered wholegrain toast with a little vegemite and avocado with cracked pepper and seasalt, delicious! Rachael.

    • dave says

      it fixed me. had trouble maintaining without viagra. chinese doctor advised me so i started eating 4 cloves raw per day (minced, washed down by water)
      haven’t needed anything else since.
      the experience has made me very skeptical of western medicine and pharmaceuticals… the people i used to blow off as flakey hippies, i now listen to intently.

    • Borowski says

      Ben, I would imagine it would be good for an erection. Why? Because it thins the blood and is easier to get blood flow in your genitial area’s.

  8. Rita says

    I fermented my garlic . Do you think this adds to the benefit? I cut it up in small pieces and take it with kombucha In the morning

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Fermented garlic is great, it should provide similar benefit and has the added benefits of beneficial bacteria.

  9. Rita R says

    Last week was the first time I ate a piece raw after reading this article. Boy oh boy lemme tell you, I thought I was gonna die!
    My lips were burning, my mouth was burning, my throat was on fire, and each swallow as it went down felt like flames!!
    I wanted to scream bloody murder! BUT, after that first piece was consumed and ingested, my body expelled the bad, and now I have no problem eating it as long as I keep it down to one -three small cloves a day with teeny bites. I will say, I have noticed I am really starting to feel better in general. Maybe something was wrong and the garlic is helping to kill whatever it is. Either way Im glad I starting eating raw garlic. The benefits far exceed in doing so!

    • Tolunay says

      Good job, I started eating 2 medium-large garlic cloves everyday before I go to bed.
      By the time Im awake and ready to greet the day the smell is gone :D.
      I suggest squeezing the garlic and taking it with water and a tablespoon of rice/vegetable/dates at a time.. that way you really dont taste the garlic and chew it at the same time!
      I have to stick to garlic to see the benefits I think..

  10. says

    It seems that during the construction of the pyramids workers continued a diet that consisted mainly of onions and garlic, it was said that gave force to resist hard labor.

    Pliny wrote of garlic’s ability to cure tuberculosis, Virgilio said the garlic enhanced and maintained the strength of agricultural workers Celsius recommended garlic as a cure for fever, Hippocrates thought it was a good medicine for many health problems and Muhammad, the prophet proclaimed that if garlic was applied directly to a sting or a bite facilitate the healing of these wounds.
    What are the benefits of eating garlic cloves

  11. Meagan says

    If you suffer from “brain fog”, garlic Helps with that as well. Cutting out sugar and eating a clove a day really helps.
    I find it way easier to cut the garlic clove up and then put water in my mouth, tilt my head back, drop in a couple bits, and then bring my head back level and swallow right away. No smell at all if it stays in the water and doesn’t really touch your mouth. My boyfriend can’t even tell I’ve eaten it. Just have some food too because it can give you an upset tummy if you have an empty stomach. And don’t eat very much if you take blood thinners as garlic acts as a blood thinner.

  12. Sandra Childress says

    I heard that if you consume fresh garlic daily that it can prevent lung cancer, I don’t know how true this is, has anyone else heard of this!? Thank You!

  13. Tony says

    As an advocate for natural healing and preventative foods, I have found that the easiest way in which to consume raw garlic is by chewing it with orange juice. The citric acid naturally found in orange juice neutralizes the pungent taste of raw garlic and makes it much more bearable to swallow. I try to eat at least 3 cloves of raw garlic a day, but I would also like to praise the effectiveness of another potent antibacterial, antiviral and pathogen killer known as ‘oil of oregano’. I use oil of oregano daily as a method of health maintenance by taking 6 drops under the tongue with a little water or juice. I have also used it as a skincare product for the occasional acne or blemish. I cannot emphasize enough the wonderful medicinal properties of these two amazing herbs. Remember, a doctor is trained in drugs and surgery, but nature possesses infinite wisdom and has been the guide by which countless civilizations and cultures have contained the epidemic known as disease. Go and be well, and GOD BLESS!

  14. Jodie says

    I eat raw garlic every day, I found the best way is to chew it quick and swallow it. Your breath does smell but I would rather smell and be healthy! It’s not that bad and the benefits are great.

  15. nolan says

    I’m 51 and have eaten garlic for the last 10 years its done me no harm and I’ve heard that it is good for you the japanese goverment use it as a medicine fo hixgh blocod preasure as it lowers blood preasure can’t be that bad for you isn’t it funny that things that don’t taste nice are good for you

  16. stanley says

    Well I started taking garlic on a dialy base,I take one piece n cut it into smaller pieces n swallow it with water like pills n the results r amazing.I have hard rock erections,have free bowels n a general feeling of well being n most significanly its lowering my cholesterol level.this is magical I suggest this to everyone who is serious abt their health.

    • Anver says

      I wanna ask that I’m 66 years, taking five cloves of garlic every morning in empty stomach with one lemon in a glass of water.I chop it in small pieces and drink.It is better to crush or chop or swallow without crush or chop.What is better??Am I taking it in a right way?? I do it once a day.Take my meal after 3 hours after drinking.Can I extend my dose??No side effects??
      I Request you to please reply me by e.mail written above.,,,,,Thankyou.

  17. roy says

    Ive just read its best to leave cut or crushed garlic for ten mins for the air to activate the allicin in it ,,,Ive allways been interested in natural remerdies,, After bein so ill taking prescribed drugs ,,,Ill be taking three cloves a day from now on ,my aim is to grow enough for my intake as i know it will be fresh dont know jhow old the garlic is in the shops i just cut a clove into four then wash it down like tablets

      • Anonymous says

        i recently underwent angioplast for blockage in the artery . I understand that 2 to 3 cloves of garlic is good for lowering the triglycerides , blood sugar as well as blood pressure as I suffer from the same , I have started eating 3 pods raw on an empty stomach & drinking water . can anyone suggest if it is effective or it should be munched & eaten .

        • Lori, Health Extremist says

          Most recommend cutting the garlic into smaller slices and let them sit for 10 minutes to allow the compounds to become fully activated. I cut each clove into a few pieces and then swallow them.

      • Anonymous says

        I started to eat garlic , my pulpitation after meal goes away. I always eat it with my meAl.. Thanks!

  18. rita says

    Hello, I just received a book by Jo Robinson…EATING ON THE WILD SIDE. This is what she has to say about garlic and I will quote “you can cook garlic and reap all its benefits if you make a simple change in the way you prepare it. Chop, mince, slice, or mash the garlic and then keep it away from the heat for ten minutes… During this time, the maximum amount of allicin is created so the heat sensitive enzyme is no longer needed. You can saute, bake, or fry the garlic and still get all its medicine.. Garlic has so many healing properties that waiting those critical ten minutes could reduce your risk of a number of worrisome diseases.”

  19. Jakes says

    Fot those people who love garlic, but dislike the odour or breath it causes, I have the best remedy for it!

    Just eat SPIRULINA!

    Plain and simple, I read about it, then I tested it out to see if it works, and it does! I ate like a 125gram tub of raw garlic paste in one day, mixed in a humus dish, so I was quite surprised when no one in my family smelled anything.

    Try it for yourself, but remember, if its a large amout, also consume a large amount of Spirulina, say about a couple of tablespoons, if you have the powder.

    • Kamlesh says

      in India we hve JAGGERY a byproduct of sugar production.
      If one takes a lump of about 30 grams of jaggery anytime after taking garlic, the mouth odour is 100% eliminated.

    • Mark says

      How much are you taking to notice a difference in sexual performance,
      and is it making you last longer or just getting harder or both. How long did you take it
      to notice a difference

      • Borowski says

        Mark, Really? Word of advice. Garlic Breath=No Sex. Exercise and take a Cialis if you need. You probably have poor circulation. If your old, over weight or smoke you will have blood flow issues. A couple of things to try: You can try to pack your willy in crushed garlic and tie up with some string and bandage overnight or do Penis push-ups before Bedtime that should do the trick. Good Luck!

  20. Tolunay says

    Hi. I commented here a few months ago, since then I have been taking garlic on and off. Some days I went 30 days straight with everyday 2 pieces, sometimes nothing.
    However, now I am going to up it to 3 pieces for 30 days as I really want to avoid the flu. It also makes me feel better and I have more energy. Really helpful.

    I am 17 and in HS and all my friends got the flu lately, its not the flu… its YOU.
    Your immune system is weak! Gotta be proactive in life.

    • Anonymous says

      I am so impressed with your wisdom at such a young age! Just wait till your 10 yr. reunion ( believe me it sounds along ways away… and it will just pop up before you know it) and you will look AMAZING and be shocked at how they’ve gone downhill from not taking good care of they’re bodies. God speed to you!

  21. Monique says

    I am so excited I have started eating a clove a day it helps to keep the doctor away my girlfriend was sick so I read on line to get rid of cold all I had to do was take some greentea a piece of raw ginger and a clove of garlic and she would be fine well I am here to report that shes all better and even better than before

  22. Debbie says

    Thinly slice 3 raw garlic cloves-into a bowl, cubed cucumber, cherry tomatoes halved, cubed feta cheese (not too much!), drizzle of olive oil-let marinate-meanwhile cook a handful of pasta-pour the pasta into the bowl-stir twice-enjoy!

  23. says

    I have been advised to consume raw garlic, ground cinnamon powder and fenugreek seeds (Methi) soaked in water overnight, daily in the morning after brushing my teeth. Can I take all the three together or should they be taken separately for getting the desired health benefits?

      • says

        Three different nature cure practitioners. Not in combination though since each one has asked me to take each one. One person advised me methi seeds soaked overnight for reducing BP, while another advised me to take cinnamon powder with honey for reducing cholesterol and another person asked me to take a garlic pod daily morning along with plain water on empty stomach for general well-being and as a blood purifier & anticancer agent.

        • Anonymous says

          Thanks to all of you who commented on the use of this wonderful natural medicine. Of course, there are uncountable health benefits associated with the use of garlic as you all commented, but I have been using raw garlic/onion for the treatment-remedy so to speak- of high blood pressure for the last two years. I tried different ways of consuming this bitter vegetable, I finally settled with one way: I first cut 3-5 cloves in half and let it sit on plate for 5-10 minutes while I prepare other vegetables to combine with it in order to ease the bitterness of the garlic such as 1 or 2 pieces of banana, one piece of raw onion, one piece of green bell pepper and several pieces of tomatoes. Then I chew the garlic alone with these other vegetables not only to reduce the burning sensation of the garlic but also to get the health benefits of these other veggies. You do not have to have all these vegetables, but garlic plus onion plus any of 2 of the other veggies will do the job. To get total benefits of vegetables one should eat them RAW!!!!!

          Thank you all for the great ideas and suggestions.

        • lisa says

          I would take the garlic in the morning on empty stomach and the other two later in the day and as a combo if you like.

  24. Heidi says

    Are garlic oil capsules raw? I’m assuming they don’t have the same benefits as eating a raw clove but I’m curious why not. Also, how in the world do you overcome the strong odor of garlic on your breath? The odor even seems to come out the body’s pores… My husband and I eat a lot of cooked garlic, and even that is hard to overcome even with brushing teeth and strong mouthwash. Any good ideas??

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Garlic supplements are usually heated during processing and don’t contain as many nutrients as it would when eaten fresh and raw. I cut up the cloves into small pieces and swallow them, so I don’t get any garlic breath :)

  25. Chinwe says

    Garlic seems to help ease off menstrual pains! I’ve noticed my periods flow free and painless whenever I eat a clove of garlic, I chew it with water only at night.

  26. james says

    I’m just 31 years old and have a high BP (150/90) and taking BP medication for 3 months now. I would like to eat raw garlic to lower my blood pressure. Is it safe eating raw garlic (let’s say 2 cloves daily) while taking BP medication. Please advise. Thank you.

  27. Banish says

    Hi, I started chewing raw garlic this morning,as I chewed it I nearly threw up but I managed to swallow it with water and in less than ten minutes my stomach was rumbling and trust me guys I had a very free bowel,but for the rest of the day today my breath was a in bad shape. I just had one clove again this night but the bad breath is I think unbearable…can u advice on what to do about the breath thing? Thanks! I love your website though.

    • Lori Klein says

      Thanks! I cut the cloves into small pieces and swallow them like a vitamin, drinking a glass of water. This way it doesn’t affect my breath. I only do it with meals because garlic is quite powerful.

  28. Esther musa says

    Garlic is a booster of my overall health.
    I slice and swallow 4-5 cloves every night
    or i chew with pineapple or water melon and
    makes me strong and fit for the day.

  29. Tolunay says

    Hi Lori

    Its me again. I commented here a year ago and usually once every few months I check comments.
    Ive been consuming 2-3 cloves of garlic almost everyday for the past year.

    Let me share a quick story why this really really works:

    At the start of the year , in January, everybody in my family and at school got sick.
    First my little brother, then my father. I told my mom that if you dont take action now, i.e eat garlic, then you will be the next one but she didnt take my advice so she got sick 2 days later too :).
    Then my grandma&grandpa and the rest of the family got the flu and they were like you will get sick too, better watch out. I was like: I wont get sick, trust me. And I didnt get the slightest headache or whatever :).

    I have been taking cold showers everyday for over 400 days aswell and along with eating garlic this is enough to protect you from getting sick. Sometimes in the winter I used to walk around shirtless while it was snowing and my grandma,dad and mom thought I was crazy and they kept telling me you will get sick etc. Havent been sick since last year May.

    Lately Ive been experimenting with purple garlic and its quite more powerful than regular garlic.
    Garlic gives me alot of energy in my workouts aswell. So much benefits to list I am probably not even aware of and I am sure its the same with many of you.

    I just turned 18 years old and I will continue to be healthy,strong and unique. No matter how much other people around me,society keep pushing people to eat garbage thats not even food, I will try my best to keep eating as healthy as possible and achieve my goals. Someone here commented to me and said that she was proud of me that at 17 years old I had passion for healthy eating. That commented gave me some chills because I dont get such positive comments from the people around me. Well I understand that, its probably because they never felt how it feels to be energetic.

    I really like your webiste and I check it every few months to see if there is something interesting. Some of your facebook updates are very tasty (potato rings or something).
    This is a very long comment lol.Thank you so much Lori

    • nadia says

      Wow..nice experience..u sure are an intelligent young man
      Ur uniqueness will save u the trip to doctor for a long long time

    • Lori Klein says

      Wow, that’s fantastic that you were able to avoid catching it! Sounds like you really found what works for you. Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Pamela says


      Keep up the good work! You will reap the benefits! You should feel proud of yourself for eating healthy and taking care of yourself!

      • Tolunay says

        My environment doesnt support me though which in turn causes me to feel lonely at times..
        But I dont give a damn… I tried to offer people help, but what do you do with people who dont want to improve ? You leave them alone. Cant change them.

        My 14 year old brother is interested so atleast I have someone at home that I can help and enjoy eating/living healthy. Last my aunt died because of cancer. Last week my nephew got diagnosed with testicle cancer. Well I told them that I dont give a damn. All that talking, hoping wont do shit.
        You want results right? You want to heal your body right? That does not happen with only talking.
        I feel for those people but then again they are the ones who lower my mood levels.
        If they dont want to learn something, what else can I do? Leave them alone.
        When they see me healthy, wealthy and ripped in a few years maybe they will start listening… *sigh*

        • Tolunay says

          And thanks for the kind words! I am doing the best I can with what I have available right now.
          Sleep, a postive mindset and meditation are free. Along with the best nutrition you can afford, you will be healthier than 90% of society.

  30. nadia says

    Hi lori..
    Ive started consuming raw garlic to fight my fungal infections and its been 3 days now.
    It really is amazing…it reduces the ithiness alot and the infections already start thinning..

    I take 2 cloves 3 times a day

  31. Angie says

    Hello Lori, I have read about eating garlic raw, WOW never knew you could do that . Any way to you and all reader’s I put my cloves, after peeling of course into my small food processor. Works great!!!! Thank you so much for all the advice on eating it RAW. Be Blessd

  32. Musa says

    I have been chewing garlic for the past 8 years and its very helpful..never think of seeing doctor.
    It is really good to be chewing garlic raw.

  33. says

    I do’nt know what to think of all the posts here. I’ve found on the website that can be damaging to intestines, stomach and even brains. lot of raw garlic to eat I regularly ate raw garlic to 3 cloves per day so each week than a week or two and then back not so much. Now I’m starting to make me really care if it’s really harmless, sometimes after eating garlic I feel burning sensation in my stomach. Has anyone also so experiences?

  34. Marius says

    Thank you for all the insight. What would be the most effective dose and how often? Should I take Garlic every day of the year or is it just effective with intervals (example take it 7 days and rest 7 days)

  35. Eleje says

    Garlic is powerful. One can not mention all its healthy benefits, because they are numerous. May all of us Jehovah God for this wonderful gift.

    • Lori Klein says

      Honey is great! I use raw honey as it contains the most nutrients compared to most store bought honey which is highly processed.

      • Garlic Lova says

        Love this post!
        Regarding honey:

        Only raw unfiltered , organic honey is true honey- everything else is heated and becomes a mysterious honey byproduct and its not regulated by the fDA-

        It has to be truly raw-
        Just an FYI

        I adore garlic but judging by the comments and tips- I’ve been eatting and cooking it incorrectly- from now on I will let it rest for 10 minutes!

        I once did a garlic cleanse where I only ate veggies and fruit and on my veggies and potatoes- I spread roasted garlic and olive oil.

        I felt so great and looked marvelous but oh boy… Apparently I reeked! When I stoped my cleanse people commented on how I no longer stank it up at the office – I had no idea. I’m a perfumery lady that smells like heaven so this was shocking! LOL!

        I will have to return to my garlic cleanse because I loved it – I believe I was eating 2-4 heads of garlic a day.

        I’m addicted to the taste.
        Excited to start a raw garlic regimen!

        I shall keep you posted

  36. ali bishop says

    Hi. My friend has a pimple on her chest and I heard that swallowing garlic, or crushing it directly on the ailment will help.. Any thoughts? Big date for her tonight, we gotta do something folks

    • Lori Klein says

      I’ve tried applying garlic to breakouts before and didn’t seem to help for me but, may be worth a try. I’ve found baking soda to be the most helpful.

  37. Priscilla says

    Garlic is such a wonder,i had night sweats and would wake up in the night soaked and dripping.i started with 2 cloves before bed i must say,no night sweats anymore.
    Plus if u are worried about the breath,try taking two cloves before bed ,in the morning after brushing,you should be fine.

  38. Lolo says

    Garlic is good used in a nutri-bullet with green tea with other fruits and veggies. I drink this daily for three years. Lolo

  39. Alicia Francis says

    its GREAT FOR EVERYTHING….stomach ache, high blood pressure , its a boss….don’t knock it till you’ve put it to the test. the more it burns the more “issues” is in the body…it does not kill…only the negatives and I mean that…don’t be afraid to use this great natural remedy ….it works got a great super tonic as well that keeps EVERYTHING away and this is just one of the ingredients.

  40. Shirley says

    I’ve been crushing a couple of cloves first thing in the morning and mixing them with the juice of half a lime.

    Now I’m wondering if this is ok or if the lime will decrease any of garlic properties.

    Please advise :)

  41. Anonymous says

    I find that after the garlic is crushed and sits for 10 minutes the easiest way to take it is on a tablespoon covered in raw manuka honey

  42. candida says

    Garlic works wonders even on candida . I have had candida for 10 years now and recently when I was introduced to garlic which has done a great job on my health. Any recommendations on eggs with garlic in connection with candida..

  43. Anver says

    Hi Lori,
    I’m 66 ,male ,I’m taking 6 cloves of garlic,chop it thin and drink with one lemon in a glass of water in empty stomach daily.I take my meal 3 hours after drinking.can I increase my dose??No side effects??Better to increase or no??Which way is better,crushing,chopping or swallow full.Eat after every meal or in empty stomach?
    Please reply by e.mail.,,,,,,,,Thankyou.

  44. jenny says

    I really find swallowing garlic,first thing in the morning on empty stomach very useful it decompose the fats in the system now and smarter and healthier, Thanks to garlic.

  45. swapna says

    hi lori … can i drink 1/2 – 1 liter of water after eating raw garlic early morning with empty stomach …

  46. Gladys says

    Hi I have Barrett esophagus every time I eat garlic is so bad I burp is something that I can do I love onion too some thing any help please?

  47. Holly says

    Just started eating garlic the other day to repel wood ticks. 😀 All the other benefits, ah don’t mind atall. The first time, I chomped a pretty big clove a little too long- owww!! My tongue killed.
    So I quickly chomp mine, give it one extra chomp once I feel like its starting to burn my mouth- just to get it mashed up. Then I swallow it back with tea (which has sugar and milk added to it). Just like with oregano oil- 2 or 3 drops underneath the tongue and swallow it back with black tea. Is it okay to have garlic with tea? Or am I ruining the effects? Or maybe I should swallow it back with a big gulp of green tea instead? I’ll be mashing it up now, have read some comments which talk about letting it sit a little.

    • Lori says

      Would love to hear how well it’s working to repel ticks. You can have it with tea. I’ve been having mine with meals so it’s easier on my stomach.

  48. Julie says

    Is anyone experiencing same problem like me constipation while taking 2 raw gloves daily?
    I heard that taking raw garlic bad for liver and gall. Is that true?

  49. Holly says

    I started stabbing mine up with a fork and letting it sit. I don’t have a garlic crusher, and those things are annoying to clean anyway. I sliced it up yesterday and noticed that it doesn’t seem as oily as when I fork it to death. 😀 And I haven’t found any ticks on me, but others have! Thank You, God.

    As for the taste— I chew it up really good and swallow it back with tea. Its only like, 30 seconds max of intense garlic flavor out of the entire 24 hour day! And I kinda like the flavor now…

  50. lisa says

    seriously ???? some of “men’ replying are a vulgar………… is that really necessary ??
    we are adults & GET it.. you don’t have to be vulgar…..

    why is that allowed ??????????????????

  51. pompoko says

    since 10 y/o im suffering in eczema and my mother didnt even know that the cause is too much sugar.. my doctor said that i got candida and those sickness that ive been experiecing like eczema and yeast infections are just a complications of candidiasis, right now im eating a bulb of raw garlic a day, chopped and a glass of water , its really amazing because my energy is boosted and eczema is gone yeast is gone, thanks of garlic.

    • Lori says

      Wow, that’s amazing it has cleared the eczema and boosted your energy. I guess I need to start eating more garlic!

  52. Tim says

    I used to eat a clove of raw garlic daily to dissuade mosquitos from biting and it worked. Then, I went many years without eating garlic since I wasn’t outdoors so much anymore. I’m middle aged now and am getting out more and so am more exposed to mosquitos again. I grew some garlic this year and started eating a clove or so raw daily for the past couple weeks and didn’t have any problems till last night. Since the cloves are tiny, I ate a couple cloves with dinner and within a halfhour I felt terrible pains and burning in my stomach and threw up my entire dinner. I couldnt sleep hardly at all all night since my stomach hurt so bad. Vomiting from eating garlic happens. It doesnt get discussed enough and isnt nearly as well understood as it should be. I had no idea that garlic could cause such severe reaction and never had problems before. And yes, I am quite certain it was the garlic.

  53. Qadir says

    Hi everybody, I see a lot of garlic users here. Have any of you been taking it for male infertility purposes? Any advice? I have read a few articles recommending garlic being beneficial to impregnate but have not found any clues here so far.

  54. karam says

    I have read that eating garlic stimulates hair growth ! What do you think of that ? Will eating a 2 cloves might help to make my hair stronger ? Did any body notice a change since begin eating garlic ?

  55. Haris says

    Yes Raw garlic effect is great and i have taken 3 cloves or a little more as it has blood thinning power which not only ease your arteries , opening your blocades and reduces blood pressure automatically in long term.

  56. says

    Not sure how or why… But I honesty have not had any anxiety or panic attacks after starting raw garlic. I suffer from panic disorder /Generalized Anxiety disorder for 14 years. I’m shocked and in awe at this. Why?/ How/?. .. Did have somthing else that was causing panic attacks or somthing??. .. I feel normal again.

  57. Dick says

    Hi all,Garlic every day for me.3 cloves crushed and mixed in my lettuce salad.I eat fresh lettuce every day with wild game meat,boring for many but that’s just me.Garlic is just incredible,,I notice it greatly in regards to my health.
    Nice sight this one,,cheers.

  58. she says

    I have read from somewhere that eating raw garlic is very toxic to the body and it burns the intestines? Is it true? Coz i have started taking 2 cloves of raw garlic a day. 1st after i wake up in the morning with empty stomach (1hr before breakfast) and 2nd before bedtime. TIA.

  59. Shaik Ali says

    After keeping overnight 2 garlic pieces soaked in a glass full of water, i drink it every morning. Will it help control my blood pressure. Please advise.

  60. kiran says

    hi some of my friends said that eating 3 to 4 cloves of garlic every day and lemon warm water reduces wait quickly . and i have using from 2 weeks is this info is correct am i taking in correct way ??? pls help me

    • Lori says

      I haven’t read about using that combination to reduce weight myself. Let us know if you find out any more information.

  61. Denis says

    I just started taking a half a teaspoon of minced garlic each morning. Will I benefit from taking it this way instead of the cloves chopped up?
    And what about the 10 minute wait if using the minced garlic?

  62. Drwax says

    I ate 1 clove after my main meal then another before bed. Suffer from night sweats so will see tonight if the sweats subside. The sweats are due to completely stopping strong opiate pain meds, terrible fatigue and weakness as part of the post acute withdrawal symtoms. Garlic sits right with me, my body instinctively knows its beneficial and love the taste. So here goes!

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