Make Your Own Makeup with Organic Food or Minerals


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Why Use Natural Makeup?

Most makeup contains harmful ingredients that are not only bad for your skin, but can be absorbed into your body. These chemicals include toxic preservatives, fragrances, and ingredients such as; formaldehyde and petroleum.

Unfortunately, there has yet to be a 100% natural makeup sold on store shelves. Makeups which are labeled as “all natural” or “organic” often still contain harmful ingredients.

All of the recipes in this E-Book are 100% natural and made from organic foods for minerals. Many of them are edible!

Why & How Did I Create these Recipes?

A few years ago I started looking for an all natural makeup, but after looking online, I realized that many of them still had harmful ingredients.

So, I started experimenting with making my own makeup from organic foods and minerals. It took a long time to determine what ingredients to use and how to perfect the recipes.

I was very pleased with the recipes I made and how great they looked, that I wanted to share the recipes with you!

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“I love the blush. It looks so natural looking and it actually made my skin feel softer. One night, I tried it on and I was so tired, I left it on all night. When I woke up, it still looked like I just put it on and the color still looked beautiful.”          -Nancy J.

“I like the makeup because it is gentle on my skin. I’m always looking for makeup that won’t make my acne worse. I was surprised how light the makeup feels and how ti gives good color. I use the powder foundation every day now.”        -Julie B.

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Make your own makeup naturally! Get started and save money today!

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