The Benefits of Earthing, Why the Earth is Your Friend

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Earthing: Connect with Mother Earth

benefits of earthing

Have you heard of earthing/grounding? The benefits of earthing and why you should be doing it!


  • Earthing or “grounding” is a term used to describe when your body directly contacts the earth’s surface by walking, sitting, or sleeping outdoors in nature.
  • The flow of energy between our bodies and the earth’s surface supports removal of damaging free radicals in the body.
  • The earth has a negative charge. It was found that when a person has an excessive negative charge and walks barefoot on the ground, then the excess of electrons will be absorbed by the earth’s surface. The earth will also provide what is needed for those with a deficiency of electrons, to achieve a healthy balance.
  • Earthing neutralizes the free radicals in our bodies, significantly reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

How to Do It

  • Earthing can be done by walking barefoot and/or sitting outside on the lawn, dirt, or sand. Earthing should be done for at least 30 minutes every day for optimal benefits.


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  1. The Truth says

    Oh, never mind. I see this page, like so many of these nonsensical new-age and conspiracy pages, reserves the “right” to moderate (CENSOR) comments before allowing people to see them. Well, that sure helps in the spread of such garbage, as, allowing facts to get in the way will ruin the dream. Thank God for screenshots! I will post a version of my comment that I have moderated myself to within anybodies definition of acceptable. The only reason, then, for censorship will be fear of a truth that doesn’t suit the unfounded belief system chosen by the viewers.

  2. The Truth says

    Don’t bother. Every item of plumbing in your house is grounded. (PROPERLY. Not just touching the surface) Every time you take a bath or shower, you are in full electrical contact with the earth. There is no anti-oxidant effect of having a slight electrical charge. Tell Bob Geldoff to quit trying to help the poor African kids! They’re going to live forever because they can’t afford shoes. I don’t know where this article was written, but, even tin the west, there are many sub-groups who spend a great deal of time barefoot. do they suffer less disease? NO.

  3. Kaitin says

    Do you think you can post your sources of where you got your information?

    A. I’m just curious
    B. I think they deserve credit

  4. Rebekah says

    Want more info as to the benefits of walking barefoot in grass, dirt, sand, in a creek or stream…. through RAIN PUDDLES! Sleeping outdoors!?
    Give it a try and see how this makes you feel! GOOD, thats how! No matter what your age!
    OR USE an internet SEARCH BOX, add in a bit of your grey matter to seek and to find, what is said online concerning EARTHING and living OFF the land, as our ancestors did!
    That connecting with our planet and ALL our gifts of nature are extremely beneficial to those who know! AND COULD BE TO these masses of today running some sort of rat race!
    Ya know there are paid shills! YES PAID! zogbots going round with the intention of poo pooing in our field of knowledge! Well I throw all that right in the trash!
    Get outside dig the dirt, swim our natural waters, dance in the rain, follow the butterflies and the bees! And live this gift of live given to US!
    THANK YOU Lori! For ALL your wonderful suggestions and love you bring to SO many!
    POO POO on the rest!


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