Amber Necklace Benefits May Include Helping Your Thyroid

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Amber Necklace Benefits

Have you heard about amber necklaces for babies or seen babies and toddlers wearing the pretty gold colored necklaces and wondered about it? If you haven’t, you’ll be surprised to know that thousands of parents praise them saying that they have an almost magical affect on their child that helps with teething pain. What exactly is this alternative treatment, what’s behind it and what are some of the amber necklace benefits for adults? Yes, amber necklaces are not only for babies, adults can wear them too!

I’ll tell you what spurred me into writing about this topic this week. My mother, who is always looking for ways to help improve her thyroid, told me that she found some people on a thread saying that they wear an amber necklace for their thyroid. She asked me what that was, and I was surprised she had never heard of it! I told her that many people talk about the benefits of amber necklaces for teething. She wanted to find out more, so here I am researching as much as I can about amber necklace benefits.

Background and Theory Behind Amber Necklaces

Amber necklaces are very popular with thousands of parents and many say they work wonders for baby’s teething and drooling. Even some celebrities have embraced this trend, showing their little ones wearing the cute necklaces! From what I researched, this is the theory: When amber is worn on the skin as the amber is warmed, it releases succinic acid, a healing oil, into the skin which enters the bloodstream. It stimulates the thyroid which in turn, reduces drooling and helps with pain. Amber is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce inflammation in the body. It also has been said that amber is electromagnetically active and charged with organic energy, producing negative ions to have a positive effect on the body.

The soothing effect of the amber and the release of succinic acid has been said to help many ailments; inflammation of throat, stimulation of thyroid, colic, teething, eczema and it can also improve heart, liver, kidney, intestines, arthritis and more.


Amber has been used for centuries to cure ailments. People living near the Baltic Sea used to get the stones on the beach and use them for their “magical powers”. It has been crushed and used as a medicine in ancient times for medication and pain.

What is Amber?

Amber is a natural resin, not a stone. It was fossilized and still contains original compounds. Amber contains succinic acid and this is the substance that is attributed to be responsible for the health benefits. Baltic amber, which is from the Baltic in Europe, has the highest concentration of succinic acid (3 to 8%) the compound that is said to be anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals and helps relieve stress and pain.

What is Succinic Acid and are there any Studies on it?

Succinic acid is a natural substance present in all living creatures. It is used as a food additive and it has also been used as a natural antibiotic for centuries. It is produced in this country and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Beer and wine are just two products that contain succinic acid.

In relation to the amber necklaces, skeptics state that it is impossible for amber to release any succinic acid when only worn on the body as it needs to be heated to nearly 200 degrees before it releases succinic acid.

I found one study from 2013 that has found a connection between succinic acid and reduction of stress in mice. The findings indicated that succinic acid exhibits an anxiolytic-like effect.

What Kind of Necklace is Recommended?

To take advantage of the amber necklace benefits, you should make sure you get authentic Baltic amber. Make sure you get raw amber, not polished. Although some have said the raw may be scratchy to sensitive skin and you may want to try semi raw. Here is one that is a certified authentic Baltic raw amber necklace.

How to Wear the Necklace:

You should try to wear the necklace in the area that you want the most benefit. For example, if you want to improve your thyroid a short necklace would be best and for arthritis, wear a bracelet on your wrist.

For the Thyroid

Although much of the feedback on amber necklaces is for the benefits for children, I did try to find information about other benefits for adults. Regarding alternative remedies for the thyroid, I stumbled across some comments in threads about people using amber necklaces to help boost their thyroid function. One person, who was taking thyroid medication, said she felt it helped her thyroid functioning so much that she had to reduce her medication because of palpitations. Another person talked about her grandmother always wearing the necklace to help her thyroid and that she never wanted to take it off. Maybe there is something to it! Even though, I haven’t been able to find any studies specifically relating to thyroid function, it may be worth a try since some have reported benefits and it has been found to stimulate the thyroid in babies.

Important Safety Note (for babies)

Many skeptics of amber necklaces for babies note that there is a choking/strangling hazard. This is definitely a concern as the beads can break, even if the beads are individually knotted. To combat this parents often make sure the necklace is short and/or do not leave the child unattended while wearing it. Instead of the necklace, some parents use an amber anklet and pull the sock over it. Some parents don’t leave the child unattended and do not have a child sleep while wearing it.

What’s the Verdict on Amber Necklace Benefits?

After reading dozens of threads of positive feedback for amber necklaces, it’s hard not to acknowledge that it may be worthwhile. Although there is limited scientific evidence, you wonder if maybe there is something to this. It may be worth pursuing amber necklaces for other health benefits such as arthritis and possibly thyroid conditions.

Have you notice any amber necklace benefits?


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  1. Carla says

    I am a absolute believer of the power of amber exactly as you described.
    I own many different forms of different minerals. Resin, volcanic ash/glass, crystals and stones from A to Z.
    All have metaphysical benefits from antiflammatory to assisting with pain, healing and grounding ourselves.
    I love all my pretties….
    Chakra stones for example …
    There is a lot to research in this category.

  2. says

    Could you please supply reputable sources for what you have found in your research. I have researched amber as well. I can find no evidence for any of these. In fact, the claim that ‘amber is electromagnetically active and charged with organic energy, producing negative ions’ is scientific nonsense.

  3. Diana says

    I found out about Baltic amber about a year ago, and ordered an adult raw health necklace to see if it would help my bum right shoulder which often causes me pain. I read for middle aged adults it can take 2 weeks or more of continuous wear, so I put it on as soon as I got it, taking it off only to shower. 3 weeks later, for the first time in years I was able to sleep with my right arm under my pillow without causing any pain to that shoulder. I swear by my necklace and have become very interested in learning all about the many benefits of Baltic amber.

    • Lori Klein says

      Wow, that is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your results. So many have had great success with, it is amazing!

  4. Beth O. says

    I just found this post through a pin on pinterest and wanted to share my experiences with Baltic amber. I bought my first Baltic amber necklace about 10 years ago while on a Baltic Sea cruise. I wore it here and there. After doing some research, and learning about pain relieving benefits I have purchased more jewelry. I wear an ankle bracelet on one ankle to relieve achilles tendon pain (tore the tendon in yoga years ago), wear a necklace to help with degenerative disc pain in my neck. After I had surgery on my meniscus and ACL I started wrapping a necklace around my knee inside an ace bandage and didn’t need to use pain killers OR ibuprofen to relieve pain. I don’t know how the amber works, but I am a believer. Also, searching Baltic amber on eBay will lead to some good sources!

    • Lori Klein says

      We’ve both tried it! I have hypothyroidism and about a month after wearing it I had a blood test done to check my TSH. My TSH decreased from 4.9 to 2.3, which is fantastic. I think it’s due to both a combination of wearing the amber necklace and drinking salt water sole (those are the only 2 things I changed since my previous TSH blood test).

      • Iliana says

        Thank you Lori for collecting, summarizing, writing and sharing these interesting observations! :)
        They bring hope to many of us diagnosed with suppressed thyroid function.
        I wonder do you take a hormonal pill for your hypothyroidism? Thanks.

  5. says

    Lovely read. As someone who specialises in Baltic Amber I would like to add that there is a lot of fake out there, especially on eBay and Amazon, and most jewellery you buy as “genuine baltic Amber” is actually copal, synthetic resin or even plastic. Unfortunately certificates aren’t a guarantee either. Maybe you would like to add a section on how to test your jewellery at home if you have purchased jewellery already. If you need advise on that please get in touch, I am happy to help. You can also contact me through my FB page:

  6. Natalie says

    My son was grinding his teeth every night. It drove me crazy and I could see that his baby teeth were chipped in places. I was desperate to do something before he damaged his permanent teeth. I figured it must be a vitamin or mineral deficiency but he can’t swallow pills and he’s an extremely finicky eater. During this time he noticed an amber necklace that I had in my jewelry box and said he wanted one. We looked up amber online and he saw some of the spiritual qualities attributed to amber like luck and protection and he was convinced that he needed one. We did not purchase the necklace for teeth grinding and it was merely a coincidence that I purchased baby teething necklaces, one 13″ baby necklace fits like a choker on him so I purchased 2 and we hooked them together. NO MORE GRINDING since he has worn it – not once! I’ve started to wear mine after seeing the amazing results with my son. I have Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism plus Lyme, Epstein’s Bar and Celiacs disease among a few others… I’m exhausted 24-7. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my energy level and feel like I’ve turned a corner with my health. I haven’t made any other change other than wearing the amber necklace again. I’m getting another necklace for myself. I LOVE AMBER!

  7. says

    Amber is incredible and unmatched in its natural healing powers – and not just for children. People have used amber for centuries for arthritis, respiratory infections including chronic asthma, as a stress reliever that interacts with the body’s nervous system and much, much more. Researchers and scientists have expounded on the exceptional ability of Baltic Amber to thwart infection and enhance immunity. Today, everyone is turning more toward homeopathic medicines – Amber is at the top of the list in it’s healing abilities.


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