Bone Broth Soup Recipe

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bone broth soup recipe

What is Bone Broth Soup:

Bone broth soup can be made by adding your favorite vegetables and spices to bone broth. It contains all of the healing properties and health benefits of bone broth within a flavorful vegetable soup.

This recipe is absolutely delicious! Bone broth soup is an excellent way to get your daily serving of bone broth into your diet. I make a bowl of this soup for my family to have every day with lunch.

If you haven’t made bone broth for your  soup yet, you can read my last post on how to make bone broth and how to get the most nutrients in it.


Why You Should Use Bone Broth Instead of Other Stocks

Bone broth  is incredibly nutritious and promotes optimal health as it contains a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and many minerals, including calcium, silicon, sulfer, magnesium, glucosamine, phosphorus, and chondroitin sulfates. It also contains gelatin which is extremely healing. Gelatin is a protein substance which is present in the tendons, ligaments, and tissues of mammals. Gelatin has been a known remedy for many different digestive and gut related conditions. Gelatin contains the amino acid glycine, which is needed to complete the detoxification process and to assist the liver to function optimally.

Bone broth has been shown to be beneficial in helping those with leaky gut and auto-immune diseases. It has also been found to reduce inflammation, to aid in attaining optimal levels of nutrients, help with issues of bacterial overgrowth, and boost the immune system. Glycine aids in digestive functions and helps regulate the synthesis  of bile salts and secretion of gastric acid. Proline, another very beneficial amino acid has a very important role in reversing atherosclerotic deposits.

Other Ways to Use Bone Broth 

These are some more fantastic ways to add more to your diet:

  1. Drink it as a tea- Simmer the broth and a pinch of sea salt (optional). Or you can add in herbs or spices.
  2. Make a bone broth sauce- For sauces you can add the broth to the pan while cooking meats or sautés.
  3. To cook vegetables-Add to vegetable dishes or sautés for flavor.
  4. For reheating meals- Add several ounces to your meal and reheat on low heat.
  5. Other soup recipes – Try adding different vegetables, spices, rice or lentils to make your favorite type of soup.


Soup Recipe



  • Large pot of bone broth
  • 2 Tablespoons sea salt
  • 3 Ribs of celery
  • 2 Large onions
  • 1 Broccoli head
  • 4 Medium carrots
  • 4 Garlic cloves
  • ½ Teaspoon parsley
  • 1/2 Teaspoon black pepper


1. Pour your broth into a large pot (if it is not already in one).
2. Add in all of the spices and sea salt.
3. Cut vegetables and mince garlic, then add them to the pot.
4. Turn on to low to medium heat for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


(You can store this soup in your refrigerator for up to one week, just reheat when ready to use)





Check out more information on how to make bone broth.


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