Coconut Oil Deodorant, Homemade DIY

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Coconut oil deodorant

Another great use for coconut oil! Coconut oil deodorant!                           

All you need for this, do it yourself coconut oil deodorant, is a few ingredients from your kitchen.

Just the other day my brother asked me which natural deodorant he should buy. After he read off the ingredients of a “natural” one, it was clear the deodorants labeled “all natural” are not so natural after all. I told him it would be best to make coconut oil deodorant at home! He was hesitant as he thought this would be a crazy concoction of many ingredients. But actually, you can make coconut oil deodorant using only one or two ingredients! Yes, after mentioning that, I had him convinced to try my coconut oil deodorant. Today, he let me know that the coconut oil deodorant works just as good as a store bought one.

Nearly all skincare products or beauty products that are typically made with toxic and harmful ingredients can be made using coconut oil. Coconut oil deodorant is just another one to add to the list.

Commercial Deodorants Harmful to Health

Store bought deodorants contain many harmful ingredients which can be absorbed through your skin. These include parabens,  triclosan, TEA & DEA,  aluminum, etc. These chemicals are particularly harmful in the case of deodorant as many shave right before applying deodorant.  Shaving causes imperceptible nicks in the skin, through which the chemicals can enter your body.

But maybe you already knew there are toxic chemicals in deodorant but did you know they’re also in deodorants labeled “all natural”?……

Store Bought “All Natural” Deodorants are NOT So Natural After All

Even all natural deodorants contain ingredients such as talc, fluoride, titanium dioxide, DEA, poloxamer 335, and aluminum chlorohydrate. (I found these ingredients on a very popular “all natural” deodorant).

How is poloxamer 335 a natural substance? Well, it’s not. It is a manufactured chemical.

What about the aluminum chlorohydrate and DEA? Not natural either, they are easily absorbed through the skin and have been associated with high risks of Alzheimer’s. DEA is a known carcinogen and has been restricted in Europe.

Talc particles have been found to cause tumors in the lungs and ovaries.Talc is dangerously similar to asbestos.

What To Use Instead?  Homemade Coconut Oil Deodorant!


How to Make Coconut Oil Deodorant

Here are two ways to make coconut oil deodorant. They are both equally effective! The second option, more closely resembles the consistency of a stick deodorant.

Coconut Oil Deodorant #1

Coconut oil deodorant

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 5 drops of essential oil, such as tea tree oil, lavender, or lemon grass *optional




Wait, if the essential oils are optional, it’s just coconut oil? True, you can just use plain coconut oil and it works great! However, many prefer the added essential oils. Also, the baking soda in the next coconut oil deodorant aids in the antiperspirant effect.


Coconut Oil Deodorant # 2

  • coconut oil deodorant3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 6 tablespoons baking soda
  • 6 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 5 drops of essential oil, such as tea tree oil, lavender, or lemon grass *optional






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  1. says

    Too funny! I made this up last night! I use grapefruit oil which makes it smell a LOT like lemon slice and hubby requested tea tree oil which is also antibacterial and antimicrobial too I think. Packs a double punch there since coconut oil is both of those too. I’ve used it for months now and only on the hottest of hot and most strenuous and highly stressful days do I smell at all. Normally, even with shop bought deodorants I could end up smelling somewhat after a very stressful day but this stuff is a complete winner!
    Best of all it’s safe enough for my son (4) to accidentally use it instead of toothpaste! 😉 In fact I made up the same recipe but with a little hydrogen peroxide and peppermint oil instead as toothpaste. 😀

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      That’s great! I love how easy it is to make! Tea tree oil is a great addition, I usually add a few drops to mine too. That’s awesome, I do the same for my toothpaste! I use baking soda, coconut oil and peppermint :)

    • matt says

      These are certainly far better options than commercial products but mind you that your body does metabolize most essential oils when applied to the skin. So men should take care not to overdue the tea tea and lavender as both have shown to slightly and temporarily disrupt testosterone levels.

  2. says

    I can’t wait to make my own deodorant. I can’t stand the store bought stuff. Way too many chemicals and bad things. You are right even the natural stuff can be bad. Always read the labels :) Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from Healthy 2Day Wednesdays

  3. says

    wow, cool. I have to try this one to! I hate that you have to choose the cancer risk or sweaty/stinky with store bought. (i would never choose stinky LOL too obsessive)

  4. Ema says

    This is so cool; definitely going to try. How do you apply it though? I’d like a mess-free application that means I don’t have to wash it off my hand afterwards, and can keep on my dresser and look neat. Suggestions?

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I usually apply mine like a lotion with my fingers or with a cloth. The coconut oil deodorant looks more liquidy in my pictures as they were taken when I mixed the ingredients with the coconut oil melted. If you keep it a cool place, the deodorant should be more firm and similar to a typical deodorant. Maybe you could pour it into a lotion or deodorant stick container when warm and then allow to cool.

  5. Nancy says

    I want to make this with the Tea Tree oil but I do have a question. DO you have any problem with the coconut oil staining your clothes. Does it dry after a while? Also, it must make for very soft pits!

  6. Aldana says

    I want to try to make this, but how do you make it? Do you melt the coconut oil and then add the other ingredients?

    • says

      The first time I tried making the deodorant I melted the oil on the stove, but when I mixed in the baking soda and corn starch it didn’t mix very well. So the next time I made it, I added the baking soda to the coconut oil first (w/out melting the oil) and stirred. I did the same with the corn starch and stirred. And then I added tea tree oil. The coconut oil softens as you stir it. But be prepared, the mixture gets pretty tough once both the baking soda and the corn starch are added.

      • Lori, Health Extremist says

        Thanks for sharing how it came out! When I made mine it came out more liquidy, I mixed it when the coconut oil was liquified, so that’s probably why.

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I made mine with the coconut oil melted and then added in the other ingredients, that way it was easier to stir in.

  7. says

    I’m curious what the cornstarch does for the deodorant, if the baking soda acts as an anti-perspirant. Can you make the deodorant with just the baking soda?

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      The cornstarch acts as an antiperspirant too and helps keep you dry. You could try it without though.

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      You can use arrowroot powder instead, they are interchangeable. Cornstarch isn’t GMO if you use organic :)

  8. Suzy says

    I recently made a batch of coconut oil and beeswax lip balms- wondering if that combination would work as well- it might hold up up better in a deodorant stick since the bees wax makes it a bit harder- I will try it tomorrow! Great stuff here, thanks so much!

  9. Brandy says

    Just as an FYI, some people are sensitive to the baking soda. I made some a while ago and I ended up feeling like the fires of hell were burning in my pits :( On the plus side, it worked really well. Just not worth the suffering. Just wanted to chime in in case someone has the same issue and wonders why!

    • Anonymous says

      Exactly. My armpits turned black and I have started burning. I was wondering what was going on. Maybe I need to use a little less than half the recommended amount of baking soda. I’m also wondering if I can use just plain coconut oil at times?

      • Lori, Health Extremist says

        Coconut oil can be used by it self as a deodorant, or essential oils can be added to it. When I run out of baking soda, I always just use plain coconut oil and it works really well!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Thanks for sharing. The coconut oil deodorant could be used as just coconut oil with added essential oils if can’t use baking soda.

    • Amber says

      I have had major problems with my pits with any homemade deodorant with baking soda. I’m so bummed because it controlled odor well. I get tons of red bumps and some swelling and soreness. The only thing that seems to work is the mineral stick which sometimes doesn’t control odor on really hot days. I’m so frustrated that the chemical laden stuff I used to use gave me no trouble. I’m not going back. I will keep trying until I find the right thing. Maybe just plain coconut oil will work for me. Worth a try. Thanks!

      • Anonymous says

        I cant remember what is was called but it “looked” like a big piece og rock salt, all you do is wet it and put under your arm pitts, worked great!

  10. Robin says

    I’m on my second batch of this awesome deodorant. I’m sensitive to the baking soda also, but only after I shave. Not every day. The second time I made this I halved the baking soda (1/8 cup) and increased the corn starch by the missing 1/8 cup. I also make mine out of the liquid oil and mix it in a 1 cup Rubbermaid round lunchbox container. Then when it solidifies I squeeze the sides a little and POP! Out comes a fully formed deodorant “stick.” I pick it up with a tissue that I leave in the container and rub it under my arms. And YES, someone asked about soft underarms. Mine are REALLY soft! LOL. I still sweat some but it dries quickly and there’s NEVER been any smell for me.

  11. Sabine says

    Hey you guys, thank you for the instructions. I am going to make my own toothpaste and deodorant this week.
    Quick question, though:
    What do you use for a container? An airtight glass container? Where do you buy them?

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Awesome! I use a glass container for both with a stainless steel cover, its not air tight, and I usually store them in my fridge to make them last longer. You can try searching on Amazon for a glass jar or glass container and see what comes up.

    • Beverly says

      I use a small jar made for canning jelly and I bought a set of white plastic lids then I don’t have to mess with the two piece lids designed for canning

  12. says

    This looks great! I get my products that are 100% Organic here:
    It is true that unless a product has all of it’s Certifications, and is called “Natural”, it is nothing less than “green washing”

  13. Debbie says

    My store stick of deodorant is almost empty. When it’s done, I’ll clean it out, make a batch of this, and pour it into the clean stick. But with SC summer approaching, and an AC unit that has a mind of its own, I may need to store it in the fridge to keep it solidified.

    • Julie says

      Yes storing in the fridge is necessary when it gets to be summer. Also, remeber if you travel where it is warm, to make sure you have it in a plastic zip lock bag. I learned the hard way. I can testify that it worked great in the humid Cancun heat. Although I did develop quite a rash by the 4th day.

    • LouisaFinnell says

      Fractionated coconut oil stays liquid and clear at room temperature. It won’t harden so that it can be poured into a deodorant container and used in a solid stick. If you don’t mind it staying liquid, then sure you can use it.

  14. Viv says

    My recipe is:
    25 ml coconut oil
    15 ml distilled witch hazel
    15 ml tea tree oil (water soluble mix)
    5 ml glycerine
    5 ml essential oils

    I put it all into a glass pouring beaker and sit it in boiling hot water. Once everything has blended together, I put it in a glass roll on bottle.

    So far I haven’t had any problems, but it’s winter here in Australia.

    • Beverly says

      if you boil an essential oil you diminish the power of the oil, or at least that is what I have been lead to believe. Trying to be helpful if this is in fact true.

  15. kristy says

    I’ve used coconut oil, cornflour and bi carb soda (from Australia here! 😉 but it sets so hard i have to warm it to use it. next time i make it will a different ratio help, or is it just too cold? (winter here ATM)

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      The coconut oil is probably hardening up from the cold temperature. You could add a couple tablespoons of another oil to help soften it, maybe jojoba oil or olive oil.

    • Erica says

      I may be wrong, but wouldn’t adding ALUM defeat the point of DIY your own?! People want to AVOID aluminum, not add it in.

  16. Heidi says

    I made this yesterday, and was quite excited to try it this morning. And I’m simply amazed. I don’t really understand how it can work as well as this, but seems like it does. Today was a warm day I spent at the beach, and I had no problems with it whatsoever. I’m not a big sweater, but still. Thanks for sharing :)

  17. TJ says

    I have had issues for years with antiperspirants not working for me. I tried this recipe about a year ago and I LOVE it! I let it set up in a small bowl, the press it into an old stick deodorant tube. It works GREAT! I left it in a very warm spot once, so I just sat it upside down and put it in a cool place, and voila! I had a perfectly molded top! I never melt my coconut oil first, I just measure out what I need and knead it with my hands until it softens up enough to start kneading in the powders.

  18. says

    I recently tried this out after years of using regular deodorants. I was skeptical at first as it is so hot here (India) and I sweat all the time and hate smelling. But I am still amazed after 2 weeks of use at how well it works. I tried once with just the coconut oil and it lasted most of the day, but when I use the baking soda and cornstarch it works all day.

    • Lisa says

      Hello Mercy, I’m a new convert too. That’s good to hear. I sweat too. LOL And also worried about stink factor. You give me some hope :) Did it irritate u at all when u first switched?

  19. Lisa says

    I made both deodorant and toothpaste a cpl days ago… Still getting toothpaste concoction acceptable for all family members tastes. I didn’t have peppermint essential oil so added peppermint & orange extract, I don’t mind but hesitate to let family try yet. (cuz of salty factor) Note: had to refrigerate I think cuz of the heat was extremely liquid… So far love deodorant but, have been inside for most part, I think baking soda irritates a lil at 1st, (especially freshly shaved pits with crap razor :-/) but, I really don’t stink! Even after 24 hrs and I sweat! Just not sure what to do about baking soda, cuz my daughter wants to try and I don’t want anyone else irritated. (I’m the guinea pig LOL!) I was worried if I leave out the baking soda that we’d stink… Although, I have read some ppl use just coconut oil alone too. Also, couldn’t get arrowroot yet, so using cornstarch. We won’t get any gross fungus issues right? Any input appreciated… :)
    Ohh! Almost forgot, recently started making own laundry powder and use Mama pads too! :) Lisa

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Glad to hear it works. You could decrease the amount of baking soda or only use coconut oil it irritates your skin. I usually just use coconut oil.

  20. Nandi says

    Hi, i want to ask if i can use lemon oil instead of lemon grass oil?
    Anyway….thank you so much for sharing! I already tried your toothpaste. Works great!!!

  21. Ada says

    Go for Lavilin! It’s the best all-natural deodorant out there in my opinion. Totally safe, lasts a week, and smells reeeeally good. I’ve been a happy customer for years and years!

  22. Jillian says

    Ada – I just started using Lavilin a couple months ago – fantastic brand!

    I’ve tried a lot of all-natural brands out there but Lavilin is my new favorite!

  23. says

    OMG! Lori, thank heavens i found out about this recipe. I have been using it now for about a week and it is wonderful. No odor and most importantly toxic free. I love it so much :)

  24. Angie says

    I’ve just made an amazing batch of deoderant with essential oils (you choose what you like), coconut oil, and arrowroot flour. simply amazing. I didn’t use a recipe, just added the arrowroot flour until it was a crubly mixture that feels exactly like store bought deoderant!

  25. Christine says

    THANK YOU, thank you!! I tried the #2 recipe, and it truly works wonders! Can you tell that I am excited :)? I kid you not, I have probably tried at least 10 different store-bought “natural” deodorants and NONE of them worked for me. I have quite an investment in them, and they just sit in my bathroom drawer because I don’t want to stink!

    I do have a question…my consistency does not look like your photo. My is very powdery, clumpy, and crumbly (but as I said it works great!). Do you have any tips for me? I double-checked all the ingredients and stirred it a lot.

    • Anonymous says

      Was I supposed to melt the coconut oil first? That is what I do to make my lotions…did I miss that in the directions? Lol!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Christine, so glad to hear it worked for you. The consistency may be different because my coconut oil was melted when I mixed them, so it was much more liquidy. You can lightly heat the mixture, this will melt the coconut oil, when it is at room temp. it is usually solid.

  26. Christine says

    Was I supposed to melt the coconut oil first? I do that when I make my lotions but I didn’t see it in the directions. Did I miss that step? Lol

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      It may be easier to mix when melted, especially if it is stored at a cold temp. the coconut oil will be solid.

  27. Rachel says

    So I have been looking at various recipes and there was one post that said coconut oil recipes will stain your clothes – has anyone found this to be true?

    • Lori Klein says

      I’ve been using it for years, not only as deodorant, but also as an all over body moisturizer and it has never stained my clothes. Hopefully a few others will be able to comment with their experience.

      • Cameron says

        It depends on how much you use. I do construction work and dont like to stink so I may be a bit excessive on how much I use. It does stain a little but no worse than when I used store bought toxic deoderant.

  28. Sherry says

    I just made my second batch with a couple of tweaks this time around. I added an extra tablespoon of coconut oil and then melted a small amount (~1/8 oz) of beeswax and mixed it in. I’m hoping this will give it a better consistency for using with the deodorant sticks. I actually made it to test out with my hubby who is allergic to alcohol and breaks out with most personal hygiene items, but after a few uses, his skepticism was turned to belief that this really worked better than the other baking soda deodorant he can use!

  29. LouisaFinnell says

    I’ve had trouble with even the toughest drugstore deodorants failing me, but I’ve had excellent results with coconut oil mixed with a few drops of palmarosa essential oil. I make it all day with this stuff. I run the jar of coconut oil under hot water to liquify it a bit, pour a little puddle into my hand, then add several drops of palmarosa oil and apply it to my underarms. I don’t know why it works so well, but it does. I still have some oil on my hands after a generous underarm application, so I mix it with some moisturizer and run it over my arms and legs to combat dry skin. It doesn’t stain my clothing. The palmarosa oil has a very pleasant but subtle scent to it, and the scent fades quickly so it isn’t like wearing perfume. I highly recommend it. I get the palmarosa oil from New Directions Aromatics. A 3.3 ounce bottle is $10, which is so much cheaper than those tiny bottles you get in health food stores that it’s crazy and 3.3 ounces will last a very long time. No more commercial deodorants for me!

  30. Diana says

    Hello Lori,

    I tried making your recipe for the first time but just had a question about the application process & storage.
    My batch came out very powdery & gets all over my clothes. I let the mixture sit in a bowl for a whole day than poured it into an empty deodorant stick but all the oil settled on the top & was left with all the powder mixture on the bottom.
    Do you know if there is another alternative to this to prevent this??

    Thank you so much, I just moved to the UAE with no access to Amazon or Whole Foods to buy natural organic products like I did in LA so finding your site is a LIFE SAVER!!

    • Lori Klein says

      Hi Diana, did you make the mixture while the coconut oil was hardened (at room temp) or liquid (when heated or in warm environment)? I usually have the coconut oil melted first that way it is easy to mix with baking soda and isn’t so powdery. You can also just use coconut oil plain or decrease the amount of baking soda.

  31. Diana says

    Hello Lori!!
    Thank you so much for replying!! I made the batch when it was room temperature but not completely melted.
    I also made the mistake of adding twice the recommended 5 drops of essential oils & extra coconut oil
    to make the batch less powdery.
    It does work well though!!
    Does the kind of coconut oil matter?? I am almost out of the jug of organic virgin coconut oil I brought from the US & although they sell Coconut oil all over Abu Dhabi, I haven’t found Organic oil.
    I also use my oil for cooking & oil pulling, body lotion & care & am worried regular oil will not work.

    THANK YOU AGAIN all the way from the UAE, your website is a true blessing here without access to anything!!

    • Lori Klein says

      Hi Diana, glad the recipe worked out well! Any type of coconut oil should work just fine. I use organic unrefined coconut oil. Hope this helps.

      • Diana says

        Thank you again for the reply!!!
        For oil pulling & diy deodorant purposes will non raw,organic processed virgin coconut oil have the same results as the organic kind?
        I can’t thank you enough for your help from Abu Dhabi :)

        • Lori Klein says

          It will likely have similar affects, but organic and unprocessed is preferable because it will have more nutrients in tact.

  32. says

    I just so happened to stumble across this website when I was searching for how to make a homemade deoderant. I’ve always suffered from chronic sweating and the odor that comes along with it, and the deoderant I have now is…well, complete crap. I’ve always been such a huge fan of all things natural especially coconut oil so I’m really, really, really excited to try this. In fact, I actually use coconut oil to lotion my body but have never thought to put it under my pits. Would you believe that? I put coconut oil everywhere else on my body but my pits. Man, I wish I had read this sooner. It would’ve kept me from a lot of suffering. Again, I’m really excited to try this and thanks! :)

    • Lori Klein says

      Coconut oil is amazing! I use it for nearly everything now lol. Let us know how you like it as a deodorant.

  33. Carolina says

    I ale easy did the deodorant and it works incredible!!! I love you for sharing this!
    Just wondering how time does it last?? Do I have to re do it on a lap of time? 0:

    • Lori Klein says

      I usually make enough to last for about a month or so. I think the coconut oil provides enough antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties to keep it good pretty long. You could keep it in the fridge to last much longer.

  34. lashawn says

    I have very sensitive skin, would it be better to leave out baking soda n use corn starch instead? Which would work best?

    • Lori Klein says

      I would just leave it out. The plain coconut oil works great itself, that’s all I’ve been using recently.

  35. Ana says

    There are so many coconut oil…would you share the picture of the coconut oil you use and where I can buy one. Thank you.

  36. jaxilin says

    Hi Lori,

    I was just wondering…if applying this to usual trouble areas (pits) — is it greasy/oily, and will it stain my clothes????? I use coconut + baking soda toothpaste, and it’s not that pleasant to have that greasyness on my hands (from washing off the toothbrush), or around my face (if I happen to dribble….hey, it happens!)

    Thanks in advance!

    • Lori says

      It’s a little greasy if you don’t use much baking soda. I usually apply it and then pat it with a hand towel after to get rid of any extra grease. I’ve been using it for probably over 2 years now and it’s never stained any of my clothes. I haven’t heard of it staining clothes before.

  37. Tamara says

    A newbie here – can’t wait to get started when my coconut oil arrives!! 👍😃

    Option 2, do you just mix it all together as I can’t see any method?

    Looking forward to trying the toothpaste too as all toothpaste is too minty for my 11 year old!!

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