Epsom Salt Detox Bath

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Calm Your Inner Soul and Relax with an Epsom Salt Detox Bath

epsom salt detox bath

Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Epsom salt detox baths are a great way to detoxify your body, de-stress, and boost your immune system.

I can not get enough of Epsom salt detox baths! I love how rejuvenated and energized I feel from them. Especially if you’re feeling sluggish or overstressed, Epsom salt detox baths will rid your body of the toxins and ease any of these symptoms.

Since toxins and chemicals are all around us, everyone can benefit from a detox bath. Even though there are many things we can do to avoid toxins, some are unavoidable in our environment. A detox bath is a great way to rid yourself of any harmful substances.

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is rich in both magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium and sulfate can be easily absorbed through the skin. Studies have shown the effectiveness of using Epsom salt detox baths to increase the levels of both of these. In an Epsom salt detox bath, the magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin which aids in detoxification.

How an Epsom Salt Detox Bath Works

An Epsom salt detox bath is an excellent external way to detox and get out any harmful and unnatural substances. Our skin is our largest organ and our primary detox organ, which is why a detox bath is so beneficial.

A detox bath stimulates your lymph system and encourages increased oxygen and blood flow to your body.  The detox bath helps strengthen the immune system and soothe your body. The sulfates  from Epsom salts are very beneficial as they are essential for the formation of proteins lining the digestive tract. Sulfates also stimulate the pancreas to form digestive enzymes necessary to detoxify the body. This detox bath will help neutralize toxins and aid in protecting the body from heavy metals.

Soaking in Epsom salts also boosts the body’s magnesium levels as it is easily absorbed.


How to Take an Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Epsom salt detox bath recipe

2 cups of Epsom salt
5-10 drops of detox essential oil

For the Epsom salt detox bath it is best to use comfortably warm water.  Using too hot water will dry out your skin and strip away protective oils. The common amount to use is 2 cups of Epsom salt for a standard size bathtub. If your bathtub is larger or smaller, you may want to adjust the amount.

It is most beneficial to soak in the detox bath for about 40 minutes. This allows for enough time for your body to remove the toxins and to absorb minerals in the water.

Adding detox essential oils such as lavender, rose, sandalwood, or tea tree oil will aid in being therapeutic and assist in the detoxification.


How often Can You Use an Epsom Salt Detox Bath?

If this is your first time using an Epsom salt detox bath you may want to start out with using it twice a week and as your body adjusts you can increase the frequency.

After the Epsom Salt Detox Bath

To aid in detoxification, after the bath you many want to rub down your body with a boars body brush or loofah. This brushing stimulates the lymphatic system which will also help release toxins.



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    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Shelley! Thanks for stopping by. Me too, Epsom salts are fantastic for detoxing and increasing magnesium.

  1. says

    Epsom salt baths are also a great way to relieve muscle pain, after a work out. The magnesium promotes relaxation and the detox process removes lactic acid from your muscles and with the lactic acid that pain is gone. Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday. Great article.

  2. SANDY says

    WOW, My muscles have been hurting so bad to a new boot camp workout program I have been doing.. So, I thought what the heck.. I am going to try this.. I am amazed! I only sat in the bath w salt for about 20 minutes but can really tell a difference…

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I usually take Epsom salt baths towards the end of the day, it is very relaxing and I think the boost in magnesium has helped my sleep.

  3. Cheri says

    I have read mixed things as to whether to rinse off with cool water or get out and wrap yourself in a towel (keeping the heat going) and thus continuing the de-tox process. What do you think?

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      That’s a great question! I don’t rinse off afterwards, the majority of what I have read details that it is not necessary. I wish there was more information available on the affect aiding in detoxification.

      • Roy says

        Lengthy, but this will cover it. Basically, heavy metals cripple molybdenum dependent enzymes like sulfite oxidase, rendering one unable to oxidize sulfites into sulfates. Many toxic molecules need sulfate attached to exit the system (including the polyphenol antioxidants in fruit and the catechins in tea). Sulfates are also crucial in hormone production. The active form of endogenous vitamin D is actually bonded to sulfate, which is where supplementation falters.

        Epsom salt supplies inorganic sulfate through the skin much more readily than orally administered sulfate.

  4. Katie Connolly says

    I was just wondering if this is connected. I had my first ever Epson salt bath yesterday, and today I feel completely exhausted. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the Epson salt bath, or that I am coming down with something. Has anyone else experienced this.

    • Leslee says

      Hi Katie, I took my first bath with Epsoms Salt two days ago. The day after I felt drained and my mood was rather nasty which is not like me at all. I was also very stiff all over. My only thought was I did not drink enough water to flush the toxins; second I used too much product and thirdly I have more toxins in my body than I thought. I have been taking Lithium, Lorazapam and Levothyroxine for years. I take Milk Thistle in an attempt to keep my liver healthy. I am also a Massage Therapist and I do Aromatouch. What this means is my hands were in pure oils the same day I did the detox with the Epsom’s Salt. The oils alone, when I get the Aromatouch Method, knock me out for @ a day because they balance my energy. So, it took me almost three days to recover from the bath salts and the oils. Hopefully this gives you some insight into your situation. Best of luck.

      • Katie Connolly says

        I didn’t realise I had to drink lots of water after bath. I would say that was my problem. I will wait another few weeks and do it again, this time with lots of water afterwards.
        Thanks Leslee

      • Gigi says

        Before today, I was unaware that it is imperative to stay in the Epsom salt bath for 40 minutes in order to achieve reverse osmosis. The first twenty minutes removes the toxins and the second twenty minutes supplies my body with magnesium and sulfate. I have chronic pain and also on day five of not smoking. After the bath my mind body and spirit felt balanced, which is helpful when quitting smoking and it actually took my body pain away for a few hours. I was so relaxed and my mind felt sharper and my breathing felt much clearer. I also added a bit of olive oil to the bath water and my skin was silky afterwards. The bath made me feel like I will have an easier time with quitting cigarettes because it improved my mood and pain level immensely. I wonder, how many times a week I can have this bath and if I can do too much of a good thing. Any known negative side effects to daily Epsom baths?

        • Karen says

          Congrats on quitting smoking! We need things to help us get over the edge. In the beginning when you first start out detoxing, they say go at it slow. I see no reason why you cannot have several Epsom salt baths per week. Just remember to do them correctly. Soak in water 101 -103 degrees. Do not soak in hot water. Then spray off with cool water when done…and if you have a loofah brush then vigorously brush your skin to help further release toxins from the lymphatic system. Celebrate your healthy way of living now!!!

        • Anonymous says

          About to try to quit smoking and I’m suffering from psoriasis. Maybe this will help me. Thinking about adding tea tree oil.

      • Stacey says

        Anytime you are detoxing your body goes through a “down” period right after. Like quitting coffee, or tobacco products. If you detox regularly you wont feel this as much. But if this is a first or second time……..I would expect that as your body starts dumping the toxins and everything is getting stirred around inside you.

        I take epsom salt baths every day now, and no longer feel that sluggish UGH feeling the next day.

  5. Katie says

    Would this work for kids also? My son and I have had a cold that we can’t beat for about 2 weeks now. He is 15 months old

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Merlyn, I just use a brand from my health food store. I don’t think the brand matters except, it is best to not buy any that is manufactured in China.

  6. says

    If you have diabetes, this could be dangerous. The body can absorb magnesium through the skin and it can increase the release and function of insulin. It can also cause unexpected changes in blood sugar. The temperature of the water may also pose a problem. Always use warm, not hot, water especially if you have neuropathy to avoid burns. Check with the doc before you do this.

  7. says

    I just started taking Epson salt baths and it does make me feel better, sleep better and I do feel I detox a bit as I do perspire for a while when I dry off and lay naked in the bed before putting my pajamas on. It seems to make me sleep deeper

  8. Kayla says

    I took an epsom salt bath for the first time a few days ago. I only used 1 cup salt and I added in Lavender EO. Lit some candles and put on some spa music and it was heavenly. I felt so relaxed and my anxiety level has noticeably dropped since the bath, BUT about an hour after I had gotten out I had the WORST headache. I suspected I was dehydrated so I drank glass after glass of water trying to flush out my system and get rehydrated, but 5 hours later my head was still pounding. So I broke down and took 200mg of Ibuprofen which I have been trying to completely avoid. It was just too intense to sleep with the pain. I want to try the bath again since I have just started a new work out routine and my muscles are killing me, but I am afraid of another painful headache. Any thoughts on how to avoid this?

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Someone in my family didn’t feel well after just starting to take Epsom salt baths too, as you mentioned I think it was due to dehydration.

  9. says

    A friend of mine didn’t feel good too after taking epsom salt bath. I don’t know if the results differ from person to person but he had a difficult time when he tried the method, that’s why I’m not going to risk it. It’s better safe than sorry.

    • Lori Klein says

      Some report feeling tired after Epsom salt baths due to the detoxification. I started out taking the baths less frequently and then increased as my body got use to it.

  10. Weldon ca. says

    I have taken lithium for over 40 years and have concerns that the Epson Salt will cause me a problem to use in the bath ?

    • Lori Klein says

      Many start using Epsom salts slowly until their body becomes used to it. I started with a bath once a week and slowly increased it to more frequently.

    • Lori Klein says

      As long as it is added slowly to your routine. A heavy detox is not recommended during pregnancy/breastfeeding.

  11. Anonymous says

    A long time ago, I took a bath with epsom salts, sea salt and baking soda. Afterwards I still felt hot even though I was well out of the bath water. Not quite sure what was going on. Hmmm…

  12. Michelle says

    I took a Epsom salt bath and I really didn’t sleep well or sweat ( but I had my I windows open ). But the next morning I washed my hair in the sink and we I went to dry it I be t over and wham I got so so dizzy. I was fine as long as I didn’t bend at the waist. And my back hurt… I do have calicum build up. I got scared. I called my friend that I get my minerals from. And she said I calicum was coming to the surface and it can be painful. I feel a little better but not complete Is This Normal??? What happens when you detox what are the signs?????? Please tell me…..

  13. says

    An Epsom salt detox bath stimulates your lymph system and encourages increased oxygen and blood flow to our body. The sulfates in Epsom salts are essential for the formation of proteins lining the digestive tract; they also stimulate the pancreas to form digestive enzymes, which are necessary to detoxify our bodies.

  14. Shayne Baudelaire says

    Hey Lori, I’m curious as to where you get your information from. Exactly how does epsom salt do all this, chemically speaking?

  15. khinethazinoo says

    I have a disease of passing malena stool.The disease is called angiodysplasia.I
    have to take frequent blood transfusion.I also suffer chronic diarrhoea due to bacteria overgrowth in small intestine.
    I took right hemicolectectmy last 15 years ago.Epsom salt detox bath will I get benefits from the birth.

  16. Mike May says

    Hullo i’m male and in my late 70’s, i have a massage ( 1 hr ) once a fortnight and a month ago my masseuse gave me a pot of Epsom Salts to try, telling me how much to use and length of stay, i must admit i felt a bit different, bit heady etc, suppose this all goes with the territory, i also do circuit training ( 1 hr ) once a week, would you recommend a bath after both circuit training Wednesday evenings, and Massage on the Thursday afternoon, or perhaps as i’m just starting out plus ones age, just one Epsom a week?

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