How to Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo – no poo

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I haven’t washed my hair with Shampoo in about 1 year! So how do I wash my hair without shampoo?

We’ll it’s really quite simple all you need is baking soda!how to wash hair with no shampoo

 Many refer to this as the “no poo method”.  When I first heard about no poo, I originally was a little hesitant to try it as many who have, say that for the first few weeks your hair is greasy and unmanageable. Not that I was too concerned about how my hair looked for a few weeks, I was more concerned that all of the extra oils from my hair may cause acne. I was previously using an all natural shampoo, however, it still contained ingredients that I did not feel comfortable rubbing into my skin! To me if it is not edible then I do not want it absorbing through my skin.

SO….. I decided to try using no poo! And to my surprise my hair never went through the period of feeling greasy or dirty. The baking soda removes the oils from hair and my hair looked the same as it did after washing with shampoo (even during the first few weeks of using it).

However, some do experience the greasy period which can range from 1 week to several weeks until your hair adjusts. (I probably use more baking soda than most so that may be why I didn’t go through that phase.)

Now, after washing my hair for about a year without shampoo, my hair is stronger, thicker, does not get oily after 1 day of not washing, and even looks shinier!


Why you should wash your hair without shampoo:

-Shampoo contains toxic chemicals such as; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, fragrance, Propylene Glycol – just to name a few.

-Shampoo removes your hairs natural oils.


Steps of How to Wash Your Hair without Shampoo – no poo method

How to wash hair without shampoo

  1. Take about 5 tablespoons of baking soda and put in a cup or bottle
  2. Fill the cup/bottle with water (about 8oz )
  3. Shake well or mix well
  4. Rub into scalp and through hair thoroughly
  5. Rinse out with water
  6. Optional: Condition with apple cider vinegar (mix a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into 1/2 cup water)



Second Way of Using Baking Soda to Wash Your Hair

  1. Apply baking soda to your hair when dry, rub into scalp (basically use as dry shampoo)
  2. Rinse with water while continuing to rub the baking soda in your hair
  3. Rinse baking soda completely out
  4. Optional: Condition with apple cider vinegar (mix a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into 1/2 cup water)


I typically use the second method because my hair is very long and I find it easier to rub the baking soda in while dry. It also saves a little time as I don’t have to make the mixture in a separate bottle.

Does anyone else use the no poo method or have you considered trying it?



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  1. Jenn says

    I saw your apple cider vinegar/water mixture for a conditioner, but do you have any other suggestions that help to condition and detangle, especially for kids?

    • Lori says

      Coconut Oil is also a great conditioner! It is very moisturizing. Once a week I apply the coconut oil and then rinse it out with water or with the apple cider vinegar mixture. Coconut milk can also be used as a conditioner, you can make it fresh or buy it (without any added ingredients). Another option is to make a mixture of avocado and coconut milk. (I take 1/2 of an avocado and combine with coconut milk until it is a consistency similar to a conditioner). Some use a mashed banana as conditioner, but I haven’t tried it yet :)

      • Mrhycannon says

        I have a problem with hair loss.. My cure is honey and apple cider vinegar, half and half (tonic).. I massage it gently into my hair for about five minutes, or just let it rest for that long.. I’ve always stepped into the tub to apply the hair tonic, then I would and shampoo as usual.. Now I put the soda mixture right onto the tonic and massage them together.. At this point I turn on the shower (saves water too)and rinse thoroughly.. Always rinse soda with vinegar to restore the PH balance.. Here comes good part.. I use a large bowl, outside if possible.. I put my dye in a squeeze-top honey bottle that holds three cups of liquid.. This I dribble onto my hair as I work it through.. I collect it in the bowl that my hair is already hanging in.. As the dye drains from my hair I use a small Styrofoam cup and pour it over and over my hair for another five minutes.. Be sure to pour on a different part of scalp each time or it will color unevenly.. I do not rinse after applying dye.. I’ve just recently begun this routine so I’m looking forward to see the results over the long run..

      • vaishnavi says

        Hello. I have frizzy curly hair which is tricky to manage and maintain. I am also having terrible hair loss and itchy scalp. I am used to oiling my hair ( mix of coconut oil almond oil castor oil) at least once a weak and using homemade hair masks (like coconut milk mask curd mask etc) frequently to retain the moisture levels in my hair. I have now decided to ditch the shampoo conditioner routine to be more safe and natural. What seems to be bothering here is that, when I oil my hair or use a heavy hair pack, the baking soda mixture doesn’t seem to be enough to rinse the oil (or whatever) from my hair out. As a result I end up with oily hair. It doesn’t feel clean either. Pls tell me how I can deal with this.

        • Lori says

          That happens too me too when I do a coconut oil hair mask. I usually wash twice with baking soda, then wash with castile soap, and apple ACV to get the oil oil. It takes all the oil out for me if I rub well.

    • Mrhycannon says

      Comb hair before washing.. run fingers through hair as you wash and rinse.. Just squeeze water from your hair.. Blot with towel for a few minutes then allow hair to air dry.. When hair is half dry, gently run you fingers through hair to help it seperate,dry and retain it’s natural curl (I learned this from my granddaughter!).. When hair is completely dry you can use a comb to style..

  2. Melody says

    I ditched my shampoo this weekend and started trying this for the first time. I’m on day 3 now. I’m mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda in one cup of water and putting that into a squirt bottle. I’m conditioning the ends of my hair with diluted apple cider vinegar. My hair is very easy to brush (no tangles) but it’s still a bit greasy. That said, it’s not nearly as greasy as it would normally get after not shampooing for 3 days. I’m going to try rice flour as a dry shampoo because I read on another blog that its not as gummy as using a commercial dry shampoo.

  3. Vivien says

    I tried the baking soda but the best kind of healthy shampoo I used was pro naturals argan oil shampoo, it’s sulfate and silicone free so it works just as well, even better actually.

  4. Peggy says

    I am on day 2 without shampoo, but I didn’t use any of the ingredients above and I use water only instead, but I am going to try out your method today, just want to ask if the vinegar is to apply on scalp or length of hair only?
    By the way, I am just 19 and I have been experiencing severe hair loss for 2 years, my hair was originally thick and strong, but now my hair is so thin, dull and damaged. I really hope No Poo Method can help me get through this :(

    • Lori says

      Hi Peggy, the apple cider vinegar is really just used to act as a conditioner after the baking soda. I apply it to my whole head but you don’t have to rub it into your scalp, it works by just pouring it on. The no poo method is great because there are no chemicals! Even in some all natural shampoos there are some ingredients I don’t feel comfortable rubbing into my scalp daily. My hair is definitely stronger after switching to no poo, my hair doesn’t break off as easily. It also looks fuller, my hair is naturally thin and I use to try to make it look thicker, but now I don’t even fuss with it, it looks thicker just from the no poo. Hope it works for you! :) When I first started it, it took a few times to determine the exact amount of baking soda to use (some say use one tablespoon per cup and others say a couple tablespoons per cup).

      • Peggy says

        Thanks for your reply! Can I ask how often I should use this method as a beginner? I am afraid that the baking soda would make my scalp dry. Oh and, should I wash my hair everyday? Or wash with plain water on the days without BS and ACV?

        • Lori says

          During the first week or 2 I used it every other day, and now I only do it 2 to 3 times a week. (after using it my hair isn’t as oily as it use to be, with regular shampoo I had to wash it every day otherwise it would look dirty). You could rinse with water or water and ACV on days you don’t use the baking soda, but don’t have to. I occasionally do that if I have somewhere to be and want it to look more styled. It shouldn’t make your scalp dry, but if you find you want more of a deep conditioning you could use coconut oil. I apply coconut oil once a week to my hair, it’s very moisturizing. After you try baking soda the first day, you can look at your hair the second day and see if you feel you need to wash it again or can wait another day or even two. After the first few weeks (the transition period) you will probably find you don’t need to wash it as often.

            • Lori, Health Extremist says

              You can definitely give the no poo method a try, you may want to start out with less baking soda and use a conditioner or apple cider vinegar after. My hair is pretty dry, especially the ends and my hair has actually improved a lot since starting no poo. My hair use to get frizzy and be a tangled dry mess.

              • Carmen Cabrera says

                God bless you, although I sing up to weekly newsletters I copy some natural skin alternatives to junk products. You become a wonderful help to me, I’m a 31 years cancer survivor. (Acute Linfoblastic Leukemia) and as a treatment I received radiotherapy and as second effect of them I developed brain tumors (meningiomas) and the anticonvulsives I have to use has caused Dishidrosis and although I’m treating it with natural remedies, the only “shampoo” and conditioner I can use is Burt’s bees, they don’t activates the dishidrosis on my hands. But its been more than a month that the CVS on my town haven’t bring it. Now I’ll use your no poo. Blessings for you and your family.

                • Lori says

                  Hope you find the no poo helpful. I also like to use castile soap for shampoo because it’s very gentle too. Blessings to you and your family as well! :)

          • aarthi says

            Hey Lori, how about people who oil their hair once in every two days. will this method work for them? I am using the coconut and castor oil and cant find the right shampoo to take the oil off although it is mild.

    • Mrhycannon says

      Try my honey and apple cider vinegar.. As bad as your hair loss is you should leave it on fifteen-twenty minutes the first few times.. My hair loss was not that drastic but I did notice a difference the first time I used this tonic.. Once your hair is washed dried you will no longer smell like a salad.. Once your hair dries there is no vinegar smell.. It is always good to do a final rinse with vinegar..

    • Tameria says

      Teatree oil is great for hair loss problems. You can get it at walmart in the vitamin dept. just add a few drops to your no poo or shampoo each time you wash your hair.

    • says

      Peggy, Have you seen a doctor for your hair loss ? You are so young to be having this problem. It could be something so simple as a vitamin deficiency. Is your diet good, do you eat enough ? Please see a doctor, just to be on the safe side. I would tell my own daughter this.

    • Anonymous says

      Hello peggy,
      I know that it’s been over a year but I am just now seeing this post and your comment about yourself your hair loss. I don’t know if you’re still having hair loss but I would say that it may be related to a more underlying health problem. Please email me, if you get this and still need help and have questions. there are a few main problems that cause hair loss, thyroid, hormone imbalance, and vitamin deficiency,

    • Laura says

      I see this was over a year ago, but your hair loss sounds hormonal. Possibly a Thyroid problem. You need to see an endocrinologist and have blood work done. Left untreated will cause many more problems. I hope you are better.

      • Figen says

        My hair loss was so extreme that I was thinking that I might be seriously ill. I tried several things (vitamins and so on).

        At the end I found out that my hair dye from the health store! was the cause.

        No more hair loss since I stopped using it.

    • Lauren says

      Hi Peggy,

      Water alone is really damaging to hair and skin, especially hot water… so, I would definitely go with the baking soda/vinegar if nothing else. I usually wash my hair then rinse with warm water, condition my hair then rinse with cold water. It has become much happier, and my skin looks better too. If you are a brunette, like me, you can also try to shampoo with coffee grinds, and they leave your hair smelling really good as well! 😀

    • Anonymous says

      Hey Lauren, you should try JCrows iodine. Iodine deficiency can cause hair loss. Definitely look into getting healthier. I use plexus products and they work great to get you healthier. My hair was really thick, then got really thin too. Its much better now. Let me know if you want to talk more. I’m on face book! Or text me at 580-669-0756. Don’t worry, I’m not a freak and wont try to meet you. :) just hate that you are having this problem. :(

  5. says

    I’ve been doing this for around three months now, and I love it! My hair is lighter, (both in weight and by bringing out my natural red highlights) and I can go an extra day in between washes. I used to wash every 3 days. Now, it’s every 4. I also was able to stop using so much product/mousse afterward. Now, I’m just *barely* slicking my fingertips with aloe vera gel and running it through my hair while it’s still wet. Works like a charm! :)

    • Lori says

      Hi Gina, many use baking soda on color treated hair. A few in my family have color treated hair and they love the no poo method. However, due to the hair color it may make hair a little dryer then someone using it on non color treated hair. So may want to do the baking soda less often and also use a great conditioner, either the ACV or coconut oil or both, they work great as conditioners!

      • Jason says

        Baking soda will remove some of the color in your hair. I would avoid it for color treated hair. One method that is practiced by hairdressers to help remove color from color treated hair is to use baking soda.

          • Anonymous says

            Hey. Can you leave the baking soda in your hair as a dry shampoo without rinsing? Also do you girls style your hair with a blow dryer or straightener?

            • Lori Klein says

              I tried it as dry shampoo once, but it didn’t work too well for me because my hair is dark and it showed. I let my hair air dry and blow dry it only on special occasions.

  6. Jill Sanders says

    I’m excited about trying this out. I have a minor allergy to most commercial shampoos. I can’t buy the same brand twice in a row or my scalps gets red, itchy, and flaky. So it is hard when I find a brand I like. I have to find at least 3 brands I like to rotate them out. And I can’t use cheap stuff either, no Suave or VO5, after one wash my scalp is irritated by the next day. Keeping my fingers crossed that this works! : )

  7. says

    I’ve been ‘no poo’ for around 3 months now, but I have been suffering from greasy hair the whole way through. I haven’t been using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar though, although I did at the beginning for a bit. I have tried using cornflour, aloe vera, water only… Not sure whether to try more things or to just leave it alone for a while completely (i.e. just use water) and see what happens!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Zoe, when I use the baking soda it removes most of the oils from my hair, and after using it my hair looks similarly “clean” (not greasy) as it did when I used normal shampoo.

    • Jenna says

      Zoe, I use the baking soda mixture and then rinse with white vinegar, before I started this method my hair was always greasy. One of the websites I read said to use apple cider vinegar for dry to normal hair, and white vinegar for greasy hair. I have not had a problem since switching to the no poo method. You might want to try white vinegar.

  8. Kat says

    Hi, I have very greasy hair and I’m 57 years old. It has never been not greasy except when I colored my hair or did a perm which I do neither anymore. Since I’ve moved to CA from PA I’ve noticed my hair is dryer at the ends but still greasy at my head. I’m going to try the no poo too. I think anything that is natural has to be better for me anyway. Thanks for this post. Kat

  9. Jenny Joseph says

    I’ve tried the baking Soda wash and it does feel clean. But it left my hair a little dry so I also tried conditioning with apple cider viniger,it didn’t smell too good..But I rinsce with a good smelling conditioner and that worked out well. I have been sLs free for about five month now wit little hair breakage..

  10. Robin says

    I do the same thing but found that I had some dandruff and itchiness especially on the back of my head. I started using some tea tree oil only in that area and most of that is gone! I love how simple it all is!

  11. Kat says

    I have been poo free for 6 months now and I am extremely happy with the results. I have fine hair so there was really no oily adjustment period for me but I would encourage anyone who reads this post to give this a try, no chemicals, dyes, perfumes and little money should be an inspiration to at least try this.

  12. says

    Hi, another no-pooer here. It’s probably nearly 2 years now since I stopped using shampoo and no regrets. I use the bicarb wash every couple of months as the oils will naturally regulate and clear out any dirt and like you, my hair is healthy and shiny and I love it. If it’s getting a little unmanageable I just rinse it with water and we’re good to go again.
    I use maybe 2 tbsp of bicarb and my hair is shoulder length. I condition with 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water and that’s all I need. My hair is really super fine too but it knots heaps less and is so much easier to manage too.

  13. Vishalriaz says

    Does this method control on hairfall??
    I had one more question abt de scnd method you rub 5 tablespoon of baking soda onto ur scalp or more ?? Plzz reply soon

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      The no poo method is much healthy for your hair than using commercial shampoos. Many store bought shampoos and conditioners contain toxic and harmful ingredients that have been connected to hair loss. Even many natural shampoos still contain some not so great ingredients. I have noticed a huge change in my hair from doing no poo. My hair is definitely much thicker and I don’t have to wash it as often as it doesn’t get as greasy. You can use baking soda as a dry shampoo and just rub it on your hair, then rinse it out. You don’t have to use exactly 5 tablespoons, it really depends on how much hair you have.

    • Mrhycannon says

      Try the honey and vinegar I mentioned above.. It only takes a few drops for your scalp.. If you want to do your hair too just use more.. Any excess that drips down my neck or face becomes a facial.. Works well there too.. Vinegar cuts through grease.. Honey and vinegar are both antibacterial..

      • Mrhycannon says

        Always use apple cider vinegar.. It has nutrients that are removed by distilling..That’s why other vinegars are clear.

  14. says

    If I was my hair with baking soda is it okay to use normal conditioner?
    Also 5 tbsp. seems like a lot if my hair is “fine” can I use like 3-4? would it make a difference

    • Mrhycannon says

      I tbs of soda in 8 oz of water works well for me.. My hair was Waist length when I started and thinning.. I doubt you can use too much soda, just rinse well with water.. Use apple cider vinegar as the final rinse to restore ph balance.. After reading Lori’s posts last summer I tried this method, loved it and threw away all of my chemicals.. I’m waiting for the chemical dye to grow out and I have about 4 in of my natural color now.. All of my hair is softer now but the natural is in better shape than at any time of my life (68 yrs old)..

      • Mrhycannon says

        Lori, I’m sorry if I’m taking too much of your space..You’ve got me on a roll and I find it very difficult to keep my mouth shut.. Over the years I’v tried so many commercial ‘stuff’ that I can’t..I’ve always been an advocate of natural/herbal methods of everything..Your ideas woke me up.. I very much love to see you younger”going back to nature” ..You are helping women of all ages, keep up the good work………………….Thank you

        • Lori, Health Extremist says

          Thank you so much for the nice comment! You could never take up too much space, love your comments!

          • Midori says

            Hi Lori!
            Thanks for this great article.
            I wanted to know, does Baking Soda or ACV lighten/change natural hair color? I have black hair and I don’t want to lose my coloring? Thanks !:D

            • Lori, Health Extremist says

              Hi, ACV should not lighten hair color at all. I’ve heard of baking soda being used to lighten hair in combination with hydrogen peroxide, however, it seems that most of the reviews show it is not very effective. So far, it has not changed my hair color at all. Hopefully others that have tried no poo, will be able to comment on this, if it has changed their hair color :)

            • Lauren says

              If you are worried about color, you can use coffee grounds to wash as well, I use them and it actually boosts my brunette color. 😀 Plus, it has a nice smell afterwards.

            • Antonia says

              I’ve been using baking soda w/ACV rises for about 6 months now. I absolutely love how it works! But, I have found that it has lightened my hair tremendously.

              I have naturally dark brown hair that I had been dying dark burgundy red before I started using BS, then tried to dye back to my normal dark brown hair. I’m not sure if it’s lightened up so much due to the red dyes or if it’s my natural brown that’s lightening up. I have a short pixie cut and my hair grows pretty fast and I’ve had it cut a few times since using BS, but it still keeps lightening. I’m finding myself very reluctant to cover the grays again because the dye just doesn’t last as long any more.

              I did just buy some black tea and sage and will be trying that to darken and cover grays. We’ll see how it works!

        • Anonymous says

          Hi, I’m so glad to have come across this amazing method :)
          I want to know, does baking soda or ACV lighten natural hair color? I have black hair and I really don’t want to lose the color. Thanks so much! 😀

        • Jessica says

          Hi Lori, wanted to know if it helps in the control of hairfall
          And are you really sure that it won’t encourage the hair growth or something called side effects?? :)

      • crystal says

        i had a stroke july 2013. my system went waco including my hair. i am 52 and after the stroke let my hair get away from the color- my hair went from a dirty blond to a salt and pepper- pepper being black. after the shock, i began researching gray hair. im weaning myself from shampoo, beginning with virgin hair. last november (2014) i cut my hair back to 1/2″. expecting the worse, i just have only had to worry about my patience. my hair has become soft and wavy, about 3″ longer in January 2015, yep i’m shocked! so we are talking VIRGIN hair! going no-poo seemed right and healthy! I still use the shampoo for gray hair once a month and Dove shampoo once a week, no plans to buy more when this finally runs out! still adjusting so to speak, but i’m adjusting to much now a days! I think “healthy” is so foreign today- going shampoo-less only seems dirty. thinking it through it only makes seems!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Kayla, you can definitely use a normal conditioner. If would like an all natural alternative you could try using apple cider vinegar, or coconut oil or avocado mixed with coconut milk. You can use less baking soda, it really depends on how much hair you have and your hair type. After you try it a time or two, it is much easier to figure out how much to use. Hope this helps!

  15. Julia says

    I finally took the plunge and went no-poo last week. Despite everything I’d read about ditching shampoo, I wasn’t convinced it would work for my straight, fine, and oily hair.

    After four days without shampoo, I tried using a “cleansing conditioner”, but that left both my head and my face feeling disgustingly oily despite having bathed the previous evening. Last night I washed with two tablespoons of baking soda diluted in a cup of water (followed by a vinegar rinse) and today my hair is gorgeous: the grease is gone and it looks thicker and has more volume. My scalp feels a little tender from the baking soda — next time I’ll use one tablespoon and leave it on for one minute instead of three — but overall I’m delighted.

    My biggest fear about this process was the transition period. I’d heard that it could last weeks, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stick it out that long. But now that I have lovely clean hair after less than a week without shampoo, I’m sold.

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Julia, I’m so glad the no-poo method is working for you. I was hesitant at first too about trying it, but now, I can’t believe how much healthier my hair is.

  16. Tanner says

    Does this method help with making my hair grow??? I am trying to grow my hair out, but it doesn’t grow very fast….

  17. Lisa says

    “Shampoo removes your hairs natural oils.”

    “The baking soda removes the oils from hair…”

    If one of the the goals of either method of cleaning hair is to remove excess oil, maybe instead of saying that shampoo is bad because it strips your hair of oils, we should concentrate more upon the harsh and often toxic chemicals that are in shampoo.

    I tried “no poo” for 2 weeks, only using hot water and a lot of thorough rubbing. With that method, you do have to keep up with it every day so your hair doesn’t smell or look oily. I did not like the way my hair felt, though. It felt… grippy. Coarse. Unpleasant to touch. It was totally manageable though. Probably due to the aforementioned grippiness. I should probably mention that I color my hair. I used some conditioner once or twice, only on the lower parts of my hair, to see if it would feel any better. Couldn’t really tell the difference.

    I felt pretty disgusting after 2 weeks, so I showered and used some ‘poo. My hair felt soft again and pleasant to touch. Totally unmanageable though. Had to use much more styling products. I would consider trying the baking soda / vinegar option, but am not immediately comfortable with adding an alkaline powder then an acidic rinse to colored hair without first doing more research.

    Thanks for the informative blog!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Lisa, good eye! Thanks for pointing that out, I should have clarified that! Shampoo typically removes more oils than the no poo method. Which is why many go through a phase of greasier hair for the first few weeks and once your hair adjusts, less oil will be produced, as it is not being stripped as much.

      Sorry to hear the no poo method didn’t work out well for you! The apple cider vinegar is a great conditioner to use after, however, sometimes I need a more moisturizing one and will use either avocado mixed with coconut milk or coconut oil. I had to wash my hair every day for the first week or two and then after that my hair slowly became less oily.

      Another great natural shampoo option is using clay, maybe this would work out better:

  18. Lisa says

    Thanks! I am willing to give it another go. BTW, I am *right now* eating a hunk of almond flour paleo bread with a schmear of cream cheese on it. I think that a little bit of strawberry jam on top will make this a perfect breakfast. :)

  19. Ylva says

    Can I just ask what the difference between baking soda and baking powder is? Can you only use baking soda when washing your hair, or can both be used with the same result?

    • Mrhycannon says

      Ylva, baking powder is not pure baking soda.. I’ve no idea what the other part would do.. If you try it let me know how it works.. Ilove being able to exchange ideas this way..

      • Ylva says

        You see, I live in Norway and can’t find a clear translation and/or explanation anywhere of which is which compared to what we have here. I think baking soda is the same as something called natron, and baking powder is bakepulver, which I think contains natron along with some other stuff.

        Because of the lack of shampoo and money, I’ve tried bakepulver twice now, and I feel like it really works. I only googled it because I didn’t have more shampoo left, but now (after reading here and having found other interesting articles on the subject) I think I might continue with it. I have dry, curly hair, so I never had problems with it being greasy. Still, it feels healthier and clean. This is without the apple cider vinager, because I didn’t have that in my cupboard :) but still works. I’m thinking I should try the natron as well though, just to see if there is a difference. But I have a feeling that since it’s more concentrated, it might not be as good.

        I realize that you probably won’t be able to help me with this, just thought I could ask anyways :)

        • Jenny says

          Ylva, har ni bikarbonat i Norge? Är det det som är Natron?
          För det är det baking soda är i Sverige :)
          Finns att köpa bland kryddor eller ingredienser till bakning i våra vanliga mataffärer :)


      • Ylva says

        Ok, thanks! I’m not sure whether it’s like that in Norway though (probably should have let you know I live here). Because that’s what I struggle with, which is which and whether I could use both or not. Read my reply the comment over this one :) thanks!

        • Mrhycannon says

          We learn so much throught the internet.. Until now I had only heard of natron as an aid to mummification in Egypt.. What I found is natron is a naturally occuring form of soda (has impurities) while baking soda is a refined form.. Baking powder here consists of baking soda, cornstarch and alum.. Corn starch is anti caking.. Alum makes your mouth pucker.. It looks to me like baking soda and natron will be equally effective, as long as you aren’t allergic to any of the trace minerals in nitron..

        • Sanna says

          Hey Ylva,

          Sweden calling & here it’s called bikarbonat, maybe something similar in Norway? Bakpulver is something else, don’t use that!

      • JP says

        Actually I’ve been using baking powder as a dry shampoo for years! It works wonders, especially if you’re blonde and have a bit of dark roots showing – it lightens it up just a bit. I’ve found it added a lot of volume and texture to dirty hair too. Baby powder is another common dry shampoo, but I like the texture and hold baking powder gives.

        After reading this post and all the wonderful comments, I’m interested in giving baking soda a shot as a no ‘poo method as well!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Baking soda is pure sodium bicarbonate and baking powder contains other agents. I don’t think it would have the same affect, although, I have never tried it.

  20. Sanna says

    Hey, I’ve been using baking soda + ACV successfully for about 6 months. I really like the results but I now have problems with flaking & itchy scalp. The itchy scalp can of course be due to too much bs, I’m gonna try less (& the dry version, really liked that idea!), but any tips about the flakes? It’s not from the dry scalp, instead I think it’s the bs that doesn’t dissolve properly as I rinse it. Really appreciate anything that could help!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Sanna, I do a weekly conditioning treatment with coconut oil to help with any dryness. Also, a mixture of avocado and coconut milk makes a great conditioner too. Great idea to try using less baking soda too!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      The no poo method is much gentler on hair. Commercial shampoos contain harsh ingredients that actually can cause damage, such as those with sodium laureth sulfate. Ever since I switched I have noticed that my hair is a lot strong and there’s less breakage, so it may help.

  21. Jenny says

    I have a question, I’m at day 8 of no shampoo, and my hair feels and looks awesome, BUT it’s suuuuuuper static!
    Is this a fase that most will go through, or should I add something to my BS/ACV?
    It’s really annoying…


    • Sarah says

      When my hair has static I take an unused dryer sheet and run it over my hair. It’s made to take out the static from clothing and it smells nice. Sometimes if it’s a bad day of static I tuck one into my purse, I find it works well. :)

  22. Sarah says

    Hey! I’ve been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar method for just over two weeks and it has worked great! Seems like my scalp is a little dryer as I am getting a bit of dandruff but it’s so minor I don’t care. I never had a greasy hair stage and it’s cheap and effective. Thanks!

  23. Kyle says

    I have thin, straight hair that gets greasy when I don’t wash it everyday, and I have slight hair loss. The bs/acv, or honey/acv as another posted, seems promising after reading most of the comments.

    However, I have an additional issue… Dandruff. I just found a once a week about as all-natural as you can get anti-dandruff shampoo and was wondering if you think that would hinder or stop the positive affects of the bs/acv regiment? The only inorganic ingredients are substances that are required in order to neutralize dandruff. It’s SLS free.

    Name of Shampoo:
    Davines Natural Tech Purifying Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

    List of Ingredients:
    Dandelion phytoceutical, rich in polyphenols and sugars with an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ower, lavender, myrrh and sage essential oils, selenium disulphide (antibacterial) and piroctoneolamine (anti-inflammatory and antibacterial)

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Kyle, I don’t think it would affect the results, a lot of people use a mixture of both. I have actually been experiencing some dandruff myself recently, and have found using extra coconut oil and an avocado as a conditioner to really help. The only harmful ingredients in the shampoo you mentioned are the selenium disulphide (rated an 8 in the red danger zone on ewg) and the piroctoneolamine, but as you mentioned those are the ingredients used to “help” the dandruff.

    • Carol Ann says

      Brewers yeast is great for dandruff, mix into food, or in smoothies. When I had my eldest daughter back in the 70’s she had cradle cap, so I looked into natural cures. I tried the brewers yeast mixed into food when, I fed her she got the benefit and her cradle cap was gone in no time, so was my dandruff.

      • Carol Ann says

        1 tablespoon to start out with then work gradually up to 1/4 cup.
        The amounts are what the mother eats I don’t know if you could give brewers yeast in bottle milk for cradle cap.

  24. John says

    Alright so i get the whole toxic chemicals part, but I don’t see how shampoo dries out hair any more than baking soda, which is pretty harsh. Even if the chemicals aren’t as toxic, if the baking soda dries out the hair as much as shampoo does, then doesn’t it have the same effect on the oil glands in your skin? If I didn’t care about the chemicals, wouldn’t it be just as effective to ween off of shampoo by just using shampoo less and less often?

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Baking soda doesn’t seem to be as harsh nor remove as much oil from the scalp as typical shampoos, which is why many go through a phase of oily hair. I remember even after the first time I washed my hair with baking soda it still looked oily. That would make for an interesting experiment! Let us know if you give it a try, we would love to hear your results.

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      That’s strange, I didn’t remove any posts, please feel free to post again, was it on this page?

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I’ve never tried bar soap, but have come across quite a few natural recipes for it! Would love to hear how it works if you give it a try!

  25. says

    Hi Lori
    I went “poo free” for around a year, but I found that it dried out my hair terribly. My hair felt stripped. I am back on shampoo but my scalp feels tingly, although my hair looks better.
    Just to let you know that I haven’t used any soap on my face for two years. I have a naturally oily skin and use olive oil to cleanse which I then steam off using a very warm face cloth and I rub macadamia nut oil into my skin. My skin is much happier and pores more closed.
    Thanks for a lovely site!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I am actually thinking about switching from no-poo as well. I found this great recipe using a combination of coconut milk for shampoo and aloe for conditioner. It may be a great alternative that is less drying and does not remove as much of the natural oils from hair.

  26. Dorothy Nissi says

    I have really thick, wavy hair and lately it has become very dry and damaged looking (I color it). I usually let my hair dry naturally after I wash it because it’s such a pain to blow-dry. It always poofs and frizzes when it dries. I’ve tried all kinds of deep conditioners and masks, and nothing seemed to work. I used the Shielo Smoothing Shampoo and the Shielo Conditioner and noticed immediately when I was combing it that the ends didn’t feel brittle and my hair looked shiny. It actually dried curly instead of frizzy and is really bouncy! I love Shielo – and te smell is amazing!!!

  27. Betty says

    I use baking soda and rinse with apple cider vinegar – I’ve been doing it for 5 years. I also use only crystal deodorant and virgin coconut oil on my skin. I started this because although I am not a drinker, I was diagnosed with cyrrohsis of the liver. I had been using equal. I did some research and decided that my problem must be the excess chemicals in my body. I cut out artificial sweeteners, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, air fresheners, etc. Two months later my tests came out fine. My doctor wanted to know what I did.. this did it. We are poisoning ourselves with excess chemicals in our lives.

  28. Pattie says

    I love the idea of washing my hair this way but I have to ask does anyone have a problem with there hair being very, very, very dry after washing? What am I doing wrong? and is there anything I can do different that would help this problem? Thank you everyone!!!!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      When I first started out my ends were a little dry, but using less baking soda helped a lot! I also use ACV as a conditioner and sometimes add in coconut oil or an avocado as a conditioner too.

  29. Amber says

    Hi, I am considering doing the “no poo” method but I am nervous. I have a dry, itchy scalp with dandruff and I have been scouring the internet to figure out what will help. I just tried my first hot oil treatment with organic coconut oil and tee tree oil. This made my hair so soft and help with the dandruff a somewhat but still there. I understand it will take time but will I be able to do this if I go no poo. I have always been a person who needed conditioner or else I won’t get a brush through my hair because I have think longer hair. I hear talk about using coconut oil but how do I use it? Can I still use the hot oil treatments or will I not get that oil out of my hair with baking soda? The chemicals in shampoo and conditioner are not to concerning to me but I would like to help my scalp. I’m going to try the baking soda as a dry shampoo and get a sprayer for the apple cider vinegar but wonder what to do about the hot oil treatment. I usually put my hair in a bun everyday and that’s not good, I know but I’m used to it and I usually don’t let my hair completely dry before I put it up so that can be the cause of my dry scalp but any help would be appreciated.

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I use the coconut oil about once a week as more of a deep conditioning, it is hard to rinse out with just water so I usually add a dot of baking soda. The baking soda takes the applied oil out of my hair very well! Apple cider vinegar and avocados both work great for conditioning too. I think it also depends on how much baking soda is used, whether it causes hair to dry out too much. I started with a small amount to test it out first and then judge if I needed to use more. Hope this helps!

  30. Anonymous says

    I’m considering this no poo method but I have thick hair and always need conditioner in order to brush it. I want to try using the baking soda as a dry shampoo then get a sprayer for the apple cider vinegar to spray on last. I have been looking for help with my dandruff and I just tried a hot oil treatment of coconut oil and tee tree oil, can I still use this? I read about using coconut oil but how and for what? I usually put my hair in a bun everyday (I know not good but it is what it is) and I realize that I don’t let it dry before I put it up so then at the end of the day it still is wet. I figure this may be causing the dandruff so I’m going to allow my hair to air dry as much as I can before putting it up. So just want to know about the coconut oil, hot oil treatments and if the apple cider vinegar will make my hair soft or manageable?

    • Anonymous says

      Sorry the same person for these last two. My computer was being goofy didn’t know I did it twice.

  31. Rose says

    hiii can honey be work out as conditioner..plz suggest how to use hair is normal and is falling too much these days..can u suggest how to stop hair fall

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I have heard of it being used as a conditioner, but haven’t tried it myself yet. Several years ago I noticed my hair was thinning and after seeing a naturopath and getting a full blood work up I was able to correct a few nutritional imbalances and see great results. Naturopaths can be very helpful to find out the cause.

    • Serenity says

      hello I realized this was posted a year ago. I came across a recipe for natural hair rinse I thought you may like. It’s blending 2 tablespoons of raw honey into half a cup of aloe vera gel or juice. I love it.

  32. Mia says

    Hi Lori!

    You mentioned that you sometimes put coconut oil in your hair as a conditioner – I am really curious how you get the oil out without using any soap! Do you just use a lot of baking soda/water mixture? I would love to get some tips on this. I really want to switch to the no shampoo method, but I love conditioning my hair with oil regularly so I hope you can get back to me soon! Thanks. :)

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I use the coconut oil as a deep conditioning about once a week. It is hard to get the oil out (I use quite a bit) so I add a very small amount of baking soda to get out the excess. I also use Apple cider vinegar (diluted with water)every day and it is a great conditioner!

  33. says

    hi, i am using this method since a week now. my hair is oily but it falls out . i tried everything but doesn’t work . i will stick to baking soda and veniger will see what happens. but i don’t know why my hair falls around 70 strips daily . i use to have very thick hair . but now its very thin :( . is it good to apply oil on oily hair? because i wanna strengthen my hair .

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hi Emily,
      I would suggest speaking with a naturopath to determine the cause. After I saw a naturopath and had a full blood workup he was able to determine what I needed to add to my diet and it greatly improved my thin hair.

  34. says

    hi, i am 15 years and my hair is oily i have started using baking soda and veniger since one week. i hope this works . but i used alot of shampoos and evrything my hair falls out alot more then 60 to 70 strips i dont know what to do . my hair is week and it was very thick but now its so damn thin i get scared of it . is their any good oil so that i use it on my hair .? i wana strengthen my hair !

  35. Unnati says

    Hi, today is my second day of using no poo method my hair is soft and smooth and cleaned well but i felt they were bit tangled so I have used 2-3 drops of JOJOBA OIL as hair serum and it worked well for me. I am so glade that I have found you god bless you dear.Many Thanks

  36. Simone says

    I’m a little desperate :(
    I’ve been a no-pooer for about 4 months. I wash with 1 tablespoon of bi-carb soda diluted in water and rinse with 1 tablespoon ACV diluted in water, but afterwards my head feels sticky and I assure you it’s not lack of rinsing, I get bored of rinsing that’s how many times a do it. What can be the cause of this? I thought it might be the amout of bi-carm I use so I’ve lessened it to 1 teaspoon diluted in water, but it still feels sticky and when it dries it looks clean but with product in it :(

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      Hmm..I don’t see how baking soda could cause it to be sticky. Do you have oily hair? My hair looked ‘dirty’ or like it had product it it when I wasn’t using enough baking soda though.

  37. Sara says

    I have been suffering with skin issues on my scalp and ears since I was fifteen years old. Now that I’m in my late thirties and after spending so much time and money on fruitless attempts at finding a cure, I have found the “No Poo” method. I started four months ago and I will never forget the moment when I realized that my skin on my scalp and in my ears wasn’t itching, flaking yet was actually healing. I sat on my bathroom floor bawling my eyes out in triumph! Then I became very angry that I’d spent all those years in pain and dispair wondering what was wrong with me when all along it had been the toxic chemicals found my shampoo and soaps. The world can be a very scary place in which you have to be your own advocate in every compartment of your life. My regret is being naive and to listening to everyone but my own body which had been screaming at me for years. Try this method and be patient. It’s a little to get used to if you are an in and out of shower kind of person. Don’t worry about smelling like a salad either just take care of properly rinsing. Once your hair is dry you can’t smell it. After four months now I’m noticing that my hair has more bounce,feels thicker and doesn’t grease up as fast. Most of all my skin is healing and I’m able to wear my hair pulled back in public, something I haven’t been able to do in years! 😀

  38. Jennet says

    I have been no-poo for almost three years now. My hair is shiny and manageable and fantastic. I can’t praise this method enough for what it has done. Switching also brought it to my attention that I am allergic to sodium laurel sulfate. I was constantly breaking out along my hairline and I had horrible dandruff and itching until I switched to no-poo. Since then I have begun washing my face with olive oil which cleared my entire face with the exception of my jawline. I realized that was the toothpaste! So I went for baking soda for the teeth. My skin has never been so clear. As for a slight itching at the base of the neck try Tea Tree oil. Rub it in and leave it for twenty minutes or so before washing with the no-poo method. Clears it right up. Then you can go a few washes before doing it again.

  39. Sylvie says

    Hello, I’ve been doing the no poo for 3 days now and my hair feels like thick straw. I’m using the apple cider vinegar but wondering if this is suppose to be a live in conditioner because its doing nothing to untangle my hair. It also takes forever for me to dry my hair now. You mention coconut oil but this would make the hair oily, wouldn’t? I’m hopping to continue but soon won’t be able to comb through my hair if this keeps up. Help!!!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      You can leave the ACV in or rinse it out. I usually just leave it in. I do a coconut oil hair mask weekly, and it does leave my hair oily if I don’t wash it out. But if you need a conditioner to use daily, you can also use avocado or coconut milk, they both work great!

  40. nana says

    hi today i tried the no poo method for the first time, after my hair loss had seemingly gotten worse. i usually rub the shampoo into my scalp n would proceed to massage the scalp. but with the baking soda, i dont feel the scalp is getting a good throughout cleanse, i cant seem to massage anything into my scalp, like there’s nothing there. is this normal? or am i doing it wrong? and im also terribly afraid of breakage, as each time i touch the scalp, literally, hair falls out…2 or 3 strands, each time! please any tips would be appreciated! tq!

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I no poo method can take a few weeks to get use to, many go through a period where their hair is greasier than usual because the baking soda doesn’t strip as much of the oil. You could also try using honey or aloe as a shampoo, I’ve heard it is a little more gentle.

  41. Annie says

    Hey, I’ve been looking around online and thought this sounded like a good solution as I usually have to wash my hair everyday. For a week I watered down my shampoo untill it was just water and for the last three or four days I’ve been using baking powder (should it be bicarbonate of soda instead ’cause I’ve never seen baking soda in the uk?) anyway and my hair is still greasy- not as bad as if I was just using water but enough to make me thing oh dear I need to do something. How to the quantities of baking powder relate to having dry or greasy hair- more powder if you have more greasy hair? Plus will this be part of the transition time for me and it will pass? Thanks

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      It could be a part of the transition because it doesn’t strip the hair of oils as much as typical shampoo, and your scalp will adjust. Also, you could try increasing the amount of baking soda, when I did, it helped remove some of the excess oil.

  42. Shabeer ahmad says

    I have silky hair I’m a male 23 yrs my hair has dandruff n my scalp was itchy I tried a combination of heated coconut oil n lemon juice n another application was full egg on hair . My scalp itchiness reduced but elsewhere itching has started also on the right side on the front portion of head I feel I’m losing hair . Whenever I comb or run my hand over my hair some strands fall off plz suggest something for voluminous thick n growth of hair.

    • Lori, Health Extremist says

      I’ve read that apple cider vinegar can also be used for dry itchy scalp. You may want to check out my post on using onion for hair too.

  43. Barbara says

    After I saw this Pin, I tried the baking soda and cannot believe how well it works, and, no tangles. I recently purchased expensive chemical-free shampoo and conditioner but I don’t think I need to re-order as baking soda works great!

  44. Tori says

    Hello – when you say you have gone x amount of time without washing, does that include the bakig soda wash or completely without washing wether it be baking soda or shampoo. I’m just wondering what the end goal is: baking soda wash wkly/bi-wkly or to be weened off that eventually as well. Thanks!!

    • Lori Klein says

      Good question! I meant that I’ve only been washing my hair with the baking soda and haven’t used shampoo at all.

  45. says

    I use all all natural shampoos, that are store bought. My favorite is Acure. You can buy it on amazon or at Whole Foods. I only wash my hair a 2-3 times a week and it never gets greasy. I have thick, wavy hair and the mint shampoo and conditioner are for thin hair. Makes my hair feel even stronger!

    For more natural products, check out my blog:


  46. Shannon says

    I have been using baking soda and acv for about 7 months. I make the mix and apply to my wet hair for the baking soda. I use jojoba oil too because my scalp still gets itchy. I feel like I have a good ratio to keep my hair feeling clean and nice. My problem is that I always have white flakes at my roots. I am not sure if it is dry skin from my scalp being itchy or the actual baking soda? Any advice, suggestions.?

    • Lori Klein says

      You could try applying a little coconut oil near your roots. Just rub it into your scalp, leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes, then wash with the baking soda and ACV. I do this once a week because my skin tends to be dry.

      • Shannon says

        Thanks for the advice. I have tried this. I really wanted to baking soda to work out but it just was way to drying for me. It just kept getting worse. It itched so much, it sucked. I recently switched to an all natural shampoo bar. The relief my scalp feels is amazing. I just could hack the baking soda. I still use ACV though.

        • Lori Klein says

          Glad you found what works for you! Castile soap is also a great alternative. I’ve seen a few posts on using aloe vera for shampoo and I’d like to try that sometime.

  47. OR says

    Hi, i am pleased to see above comments, i had been using amla retha and sika kai for a couple of weeks with no results so far. I just wanted to ask before started above method, my hair are damaged due to excessive use of iron and half of my hair are gone due to either hair thinning breakage or hair fall, is their any remedy to burnt hair and then hair fall??

    please help

  48. Saul says

    I stopped using shampoo a few years ago. People laugh at me when I tell them that shampoo is a conspiracy! But – the more you use it, the more you will need to use it. It’s a vicious circle: shampoo, hair dries (degreases), hair produces more grease, shampoo etc. Hair is very clever, when you dry it out it reacts by producing more grease. Just stop shampooing and it will find its own balance. I use baking soda once a week, apple cider vinegar every time I go swimming and a bottle of beer (on the head not drunk) about twice a month. Beer is marvellous, strengthens and shines hair.

  49. NinaNina says

    Hello, Lori Klein. May I know if the poo shampoo is good enough to be used after I rub the onion juice on my hair?

    Is the poo shampoo is good enough to get rid off the smell?

    I’d love to try the baking soda as a shampoo (and stop using shampoo on the counter).

    • Lori Klein says

      I haven’t tried using the baking soda after the onion juice. I always used castile soap to get the onion smell out. Let us know how it works for you if you give it a try.

  50. Jackie says

    Thanks for the info! I’m tempted to try this method… Are we talking Arm & Hammer baking soda, or is there a better brand I should be using? (if I’m gonna do it I want to do it right!)
    I know for ACV you should use a brand like Braggs because it has “the mother” while others are more diluted…

    • Lori Klein says

      You can use any brand of baking soda :) Yep, that’s right, make sure to use the Bragg one with ‘the mother’ for ACV.

  51. Vanessa says

    I’m wondering how do you get the dry baking soda into your hair without it getting all over the place? Do you use the mirror, or does it just take practice? Do you do it before you get in the tub, or once you’re in there?

  52. Jerri-Lynn says

    Will rinsing with things like honey and apple cider vinegar give your hair an odor afterwards? Hate using anything sweet in my hair …like when it comes to certain scented shampoos they actually attract more flys , bugs, and bees around my head in the summer. And whenever I use apple cider vinegar for like cleaning around the house…almost immediately the fruit flys come around.

  53. Sneha says

    Hey! I’m suffering from excessive hair loss. I have nearly tried every natural remedy to curb the loss but nothing proved effective. Please suggest a tried and tested method. I have started to develop bald patches at certain places. Please help me out with it to the soonest. Thankyou.

  54. Anonymous says

    hi, i want to try the no poo, but do you know if it is good to use after i put onion juice on my hair? i heard about castile soap, but i feel like that would be too harsh. For how many hours does one have to keep the onion juice on? Everywhere i read said 30 minutes but i think thats a short amount of time. I don’t want to put it on for like 4 or 5 hours bc I’m not sure if thats good or not. Would I have to do the no poo every single day or every other day like i would when i used shampoo and conditioner? and would i have to make a new botton of BS and ACV each time i do the no poo? please reply to this comment and not the other one i mentioned. thank you

    • Lori says

      When I was using onion juice on my hair, I stopped using the no poo method because it didn’t get the onion smell out good enough. Instead I used half water mixed with half castile soap.

  55. Neepa says

    Hi Lori,

    My normal hair routine is to oil my hair and leave it overnight and wash it with shampoo and then condition my hair. I want to know if the no-poo method would work on oiled hair as well? Or if something else needs to be added to the baking soda and water?

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